Hello from Steve and Sandy Aholt,

Thank you so much for praying for Steve’s healing through his shoulder surgery.  The home therapy exercises were progressing well – until last week.  An unusual pain has returned to the right shoulder.  He has ceased the exercises and is giving some rest time to that area to see if the pain will subside.  Thank you for your continued prayers toward his complete healing process.

Steve has also wore an AIRCAST on his right foot for 4 weeks, put on the day before his shoulder surgery.  The pain turned out that he had a high-grade partial tearing of the posterior tibial tendon.  After four weeks, the doctor thinks that the tendon will heal back on its own, after six months, without surgery.  The doctor prescribed a special shoe insert that is more stiff than the normal Dr. Scholl type shoe inserts.  Walking in the boot began to give Steve some right knee pain.  His total right knee prosthesis is now 16 years old.  It sounds like the domino effect, but we are trusting in whatever results that God gives us.  Thank you for your prayers about this too.

Sandy is back to work preparing and serving meals for the Raytown school district.  Maybe you have experienced someone at your workplace that is often telling you what to do or questioning what you are doing – and they are not the boss!  This person is not a Christian, and Sandy wants to alleviate this issue in a way that magnifies Christ in her witness to her.  Please pray that Sandy will have the right spiritual attitude and the right loving words to say.  Sandy’s left foot is still slowly healing from her injury last June.

Please pray for us as we search to find a new “local church” were we can become members.  We have been member of Salem Baptist Church in Winston-Salem, NC for almost 40 years.  Salem Baptist is over 950 miles away from where we live in Raytown, MO.

Please also pray for the people of Papua New Guinea (PNG) and the missionaries working in that country.  SARS-CoV-2, or Covid19, has recently begun to spread more rapidly among the people there.  The initial precautions ordered by the PNG government worked to control the spread of this virus.  However, those initial travel restriction and precautionary measures have been relaxed.  God is still in control!

Answers to prayer – with thanksgiving:

  1. Bob Dunn is greatly improved and God has answered your prayers about this!
  2. God provided the funds for the entire Shaw family to have their last vacation with “daddy!” Brian is approaching the time that the doctors have set when the brain cancer will win and take Brian’s life.  Here is link to a great podcast interview that Christianity Today did recently with Brian and Amy Shaw.  It lasts one hour and five minutes.  https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/brian-and-amy-shaw/id1543166073?i=1000512526789

We are praying for God to heal Brian.  Thy will be done Lord!

Prayer requests

  1. The Hawes family has arrived back in Papua New Guinea!  Please continue to pray for them as they go through the grieving process of losing a child at birth.

Listening for the trump,

Steve and Sandy Aholt