This young man is JayJay. He was saved a couple years ago but drifted to bad friends and practices. He thought people were gossiping about him and was driven to despair and finally took a knife and cut his own neck in an attempt at suicide.

God used others to get JayJay to the hospital quickly and he received good attention there which saved his life. While he was unconscious, he had a series of dark dreams. He saw hell and demons, who were pushing him towards hell. The were demanding and yelling and he turned to flee, but they followed him and were trying to persuade him to come back. He saw a light and a figure who was turned in the opposite direction. It was God and as he turned toward JayJay, he noticed the deep love and compassion in His eyes.

As he came out of the darkness of unconsciousness, he was confused where he was and finally realized he was in the hospital. As the Doctors questioned him, he couldn’t answer because of the hole in his windpipe. They ended up doing a tracheotomy which saved his life. Some of God’s servants drew close to him and paid his hospital bills. God’s love and compassion were visible to JayJay again.

When I heard about his attempted suicide, I felt deep sadness and prayed that God would save his life and give him a second chance, which he did. We are thanking God for his love and compassion and expect to see God using JayJay in the future.

That was months ago and he came to visit me yesterday and share his joy in Christ. He is eager to follow the Lord and has a good friend in another believer, Matthew.

Rejoice with us for God’s care for JayJay and his bright future.


Jim & Kathy Tanner

Papua New Guinea