Dear Team Members,

Greetings in the Precious Name of Jesus – Philippines 2:9 – “The Name above all names” !!!

We contacted our friends Albert and Lynne Castelijn, who work with the Banwaon people group in the Philippines to see if we could share what has been going on in the work there. They responded saying: “Hello dear friends! Yes of course we’d be delighted if you share this in your next update. You were a big part of our training in Australia, and we pray folk are encouraged knowing the big ripple effects that continues to have.”

The following is from them:

We minister among the Banwaon people of the Philippines. “While we were in town over the Christmas break, exciting things were happening here among the Banwaon. In mid-January we flew back to the village and went straight into home quarantine. The first afternoon we were back, the Bible teachers couldn’t resist coming up to the house to update us on things. Standing several meters away, with big grins on their faces, they told us how in December there was a big baptism while we were away. As more folk in the main churches and various outreaches were taught through the chronological gospel lessons this year and came to put their faith in Christ, they were later taught, among other things, about baptism. We knew a baptism was planned sometime. We didn’t realize ninety-nine people would be baptized! So thankful that, despite turmoil and disturbing news around the globe, there is much to encourage us. God is still at work in people’s lives, building His church.” Pray for these new believers that were baptized.

We love and appreciate each of you and trust our Father to be your Constant Encouragement also,

Charlie & Cherrie


PRAISE: How thankful we are for all the SNOW BIRDS – WINTER VOLUNTEERS – who are here during winter months from around the USA! Their sacrificial giving of their lives is such a HUGE BLESSING as they work on various projects here at our retirement center (centre for our Australian friends) that our awesome limited staff are not able to get done during the year.
PRAY: For our Grandson Ashton (19 ½) as he is in military training in Australia since January 11th. It has been a hard road so far and we know he sure appreciates your PRAYERS!! He is thankful that folk are PRAYING for him from around the world!!!
PRAY: Our grandson Kyan (14), in Australia, who has a knee problem, REALLY APPRECIATES your PRAYERS!! At present he has been able to take off the knee brace, and is trusting what has been labelled as a serious situation, will be healed!!! He is also thankful for your continued PRAYERS!!
PRAY: Our grand-daughter Llahna (17), in Australia, who started a six-month course to care for the elderly and is enjoying it. She also appreciates your PRAYERS!!
PRAY: We are trusting that the Lord will work out all the details for us to be able to make the trip to Australia sometime this year. If it works out it will most likely involve being quarantined for two weeks, at our own expense, and increased air fares on top of what we paid last year – both we did not expect! It has been seven years since we have seen family there. We also appreciate your PRAYERS!!

Serious, but have a laugh!! The other day we went out to pick up a prescription and it was a hot day – around 86 degrees! Our car air-conditioner did not work :o( Later that day, Charlie had a look under the hood (bonnet, as they call it in Australian language) only to find a nest that squirrels had made and had chewed though some wires!! Charlie cleaned out all the debris and brought the car down to our workshop here at our retirement center – centre! Our STAFF are SOOOOO HELPFUL and one of them soldered the wires and fixed the problem!!! RESULT – AIR CONDITIONER NOW WORKS. Up North they are freezing and here we are sweltering!!!!!