By the time we landed in Orlando, we were wondering out loud why we hadn’t heard anything. Jason (IBC President), Gene (Academic Dean), and Coreen (Dean of Women) went before the accreditation committee that morning and we had expected to hear shouts of joy by email or text but had heard nothing.

Ammie (IBC Registrar) and I traveled together to Orlando, following the journey taken the previous day by four other IBC staff. We had to be rerouted because of the disaster in Dallas, and so ended up staying overnight in Phoenix on Tuesday night, February 16, in preparation for an earlier-than-previously-planned flight Wednesday morning. We flew into Charlotte and after a 4-hour layover, continued on to Orlando where the Association of Biblical Higher Education (ABHE) annual meeting was already underway.

Jason picked us up at the airport and we listened with rapt attention as he explained that their interview had taken a lot longer than anticipated. Then the committee dismissed them to further discuss whether to grant us initial accreditation. The suspense was hard to take. This was the culmination of seven years of effort. We had been quite confident that everything was in order and accreditation would quickly be awarded, but why were they taking so long?? Come to find out, the committee was mesmerized by Indian Bible College. One of the committee members was in tears as they discussed the unique aspects of our institution. So, yes. They granted us initial accreditation.

Thank you for your prayers and for walking with us through this!! If you would like to see a three-minute video of the actual presentation, check out this link:

I returned home safely on Sunday evening, February 21, and hit the ground running.

On a personal note, I have a new family member. My next-door neighbor needed to find a home for her young cat, so I asked to take her. So far, my birds are surviving, though not terribly thrilled about her presence.


Martha Gushee

P.S. Please be praying for a revival in our nation and that it might even start with US! IBC students will be taking their annual ministry trip to Broken Arrow Bible Ranch March 27-April 2. Pray for unity, revival in their hearts, and for effective ministry. Thanks again.