This group of teachers were supposed to split up and teach in two locations, but one of the villages wasn’t prepared to host a large group of people.

The Lord directed the teachers to go to another place and they ended up teaching 103 people, among them were some young men attending a small Bible school, the staff of the school and people from the greater community from different denominations. As they heard the Word in a chronological way, it made sense to them and many of them were saved. No wonder the teachers are smiling. They don’t get paid for the time they spend teaching, but they do it freely to see others come to faith in Christ.

The first draft of the translation of 125 Old Testament Bible lessons has been done, but it will take a lot of time to get them ready for publication. The first 37 lessons made up the first of 3 volumes and it is at the printer now.

Not many churches can say they have seen 135 people saved and join in the last year. Some couldn’t say that many people came to Christ in the lifetime of their church, but not so in Hake. This photo represents the new church there. A faithful couple went several times a week to teach them through the chronological Bible lessons and the people received the Word with gladness.

Praise God with us for the power of His Word and for the faithful teachers who go out of their love of Christ.

Jim & Kathy Tanner