Getting Established

Dear friends,

We pray you are staying warm wherever you happen to be in the world. I read that our temperatures here in Texas were colder last night than those in Anchorage, Alaska. I believe it. We remember weather like this from our year in Canada (2001), but we’ve not experienced Texas winter weather like this before! Thankfully, neither COVID nor adverse weather have been able to prevent us from signing a contract on a house here in College Station! We are grateful that the Lord has allowed us to find a place that is not only a great fit for us, but also for Becky’s mother, who will come to live with us in early March. It also has a nice office space for Neil. We close on the house on Feb 25, Lord willing!

Snow in Texas? Twice? What?

Answered Prayers

We so appreciate your prayers and concern for our finances! We have received some encouraging news from the credit card companies over our cancelled tickets, and are hoping that at least some of our expenses will be refunded. In addition, we have had a couple of you all bless us with very generous gifts which has more than covered the shortfall. Thank you! We are so grateful to the Lord to see him meet our expenses during this season of transition.

We’ve also been enjoying great times with our kids here in College Station (despite quarantines and inclement weather throwing monkey wrenches in our plans from time to time!) God is good.

Gaining Perspective(s)


What does mobilization ministry look like? Well, much of it is spending time with people. One young man Neil has been meeting with the past few weeks is interested in serving the Lord as an aviation mechanic. It’s been great to answer questions and connect him with the right people in our mission who can help him find the best way forward with Ethnos360 Aviation.

Neil has also been spending quite a bit of time meeting with church and ministry leaders in College Station, gaining perspective on what a ministry of mobilization looks like in this part of Texas. He has also been asked to speak at a missions conference at a church in Lewisville (near Dallas) in March.

Speaking of perspectives, we have also been involved with a volunteer team putting on the local “Perspectives on the World Christian Movement” course. (Highly recommended for everyone, by the way. Find out more at It has been exciting to see around 100 young people meeting weekly to learn how they can be a part of fulfilling the Great Commission. Getting to spend time with college students eager to serve the Lord is a great place to share about what Ethnos360 is doing around the world and allowing the Lord to lead them into opportunities we have to serve.

Please pray that the Lord will challenge many in this group to follow God’s leading in reaching the nations! Pray also for more contacts with people like the young man I mentioned above. We need teachers, IT experts, accountants, builders, and more. Not to mention church planters and Bible translators!

We are privileged to continue to be a part of raising up laborers here in Texas to fulfill the Great Commission.

Thank you for continuing to stand with us,
Neil and Becky Burleson