Greetings all,

In this day of covid-19 we hear a lot about online classes and schooling. 45 years ago, when our missionary career first began, computers were not on the market and that thing called email, text messages, internet and the like were not even in our imaginations. And even when it did come into being we never dreamed that it would one day reach our Wana tribal villages.

Well today two of our villages are able to connect to the internet either through satellite dish or cell tower. We are now able to text and phone using programs like Skype and WhatsApp. And yes, we can even do online teaching. It was a blessing for me to be able to connect with one of our villages once again yesterday as we spent nearly 2 hours talking about the Lord’s blessings over the past year and discussing plans for this coming year.

A little view into a Wana village church. We are going to have to work on the lighting but to think about entering this remote village through today’s technology is mind boggling! At any rate this gives you a little idea of what it looks like as the church leaders and I study together on Skype.

One of the blessings we talked about was how the Lord has protected not only the Wana tribal people from Covid but also other tribal groups who are in a similar situation with hardly any medical care – what on earth is a respirator anyway!! To our knowledge not a single Wana person has contacted Covid-19 up to this point. As a missionary friend of ours from Brazil mentioned to me last week it seems like they have a natural immunity to it.

Yesterday we reminisced that in the way the Lord protected the Israelites from the plagues in Egypt he has also protected the Wana from this present day plague. Covid has definitely put a crimp in our travel plans but the Lord continues to work in spite of it. We talked too of the growing church in another Wana village and the tremendous interest in the gospel in that village – a new church has been started in this village!

We also talked about “the father of Nabil” and his family who are unbelievers and have just started to come for teaching on a regular basis. There are also folks from yet another village who are also showing a real interest in the gospel and coming for teaching. As we were meeting, I told our church leaders that I would pass these prayer requests along to my friends in America so you too could be praying for this gospel outreach.

Some of our online teaching has been a series on “giving.” This has been a weakness of our Wana church as their Wana culture and even their own government has taught them that they are the poor and therefore are the receivers and not the givers. We have been looking into Scripture how that God is a giver and He created us in His image to be givers as well, so no matter how much we have or don’t have we are to be givers as that is who God created us to be. We have also been looking at many Scriptural examples of giving in Scripture and would just appreciate your prayers as we extend this challenge to them in the grace of giving. Well I have rambled on enough – just wanted to send a quick update and pass along a few prayer requests. Thanks so much for being a part.


Ed n Jeanne