Dear Team Members,

You are ALL SOOOO SPECIAL to us!!!!!! We Pray for you and Trust our Father to Encourage each of you Day by Day!!!

January 11th God gave us a SPECIAL SURPRISE – at 5:15pm our time that Monday night it was 9:15 Tuesday morning in Australia. Our son Ben sent us a connection so we could watch online when our grandson Ashton was inducted into the Australian Army!!! It was awesome!!!!!!!! So far Ashton has been able to phone his folk for a few minutes once a week. Ashton said it is not easy!!!!! We know these beginning weeks of training are REALLY HARD!!!!!! He loves the Lord, and we know he appreciates your prayers!!!!!!!

January 21st we got our first Covid immunization and then on February 11th we get our second immunization. Last year was a hard one for many we know, and even one death for a Special Friend. We are trusting this year will be an encouraging one for each of you!!!

It has been the coldest winter here in the 13 years we have been here, and quite dry.

Our daughter Esther and her family were here from December 26th until they left on Friday January 1st. We had such a fun time going to Gator Land and also to Blue Springs State Park to see the manatees!!! We had a karaoke night singing and wearing our wigs – FUN FUN FUN!!! MEMORIES SURE ARE SPECIAL!!!!!

Both of us, health wise, are doing pretty good, just get tired, which is expected with Charlie being 75 and me 76! We both love keeping involved and reaching out to folk. Charlie loves being on the preaching schedule at Church, and does a weekly devotional and prayer requests.

PRAYER REQUEST: With the Covid problems, we are trusting it will work out for us to travel some time this year to Australia to see family there!! It is going on seven years since we have seen them :o( Our tickets are good until the end of 2021, BUT we expect there to be new additional costs involved, as flight costs have increased, plus government two week quarantine costs!! We know the Lord knows all that is involved, so we rest in Him!!!!

Thank you for Praying for the internet – email – problems we have been having!!! The problem has improved, and we thank the Lord for our Faithful Staff here and all their hard work!!!!

Thank you for your Love, Prayers, and Care for us over soooooo many years!!!!!!

God Bless each of you,

Charlie & Cherrie