Merry Christmas!
See  our IBC’s Christmas newsletter, which we just mailed out last week to over 6000 churches and individuals.  This newsletter includes my front page article on all that the Lord has been doing during this “season of COVID”, an update on all four of our institutional initiatives on pages 2 and 3, and a list of prayer requests on page 4.
Also, here is our student prayer page, IBC 2020 Student Prayer Bios, which gives you a look at our full-time students and their prayer requests.

On a personal note, my family is blessed and encouraged in many ways as we end the semester (and calendar year).  But it has been an exhausting semester, partly–but not entirely–because of the challenges of COVID-19.  Please pray for us as we take the week between Christmas Day and New Year’s Day off for rest and family time.

Grateful for Christ’s incarnation,

Dr. Jason Koppen

Indian Bible College