Dear Friends and Family,

Merry Christmas from Yap, Micronesia! We love this time of year in the islands. There will be a lot of flying and events, but the
joy of this season is infectious and keeps us going. Heidi continues to co-lead Ladies Bible Study with Queentina, our pastor’s wife every Wednesday. Right now the ladies are busily preparing for our Christmas program, practicing skits and songs to celebrate the birth of Jesus. The Sunday School and homeschool are also excited to share their special performance this Christmas.


Ever since our baby was born, we took a back seat on helping with the youth ministry. We had been taking turns with Bruce and Noelyn, who are ministry workers in our church, but then ultimately just handed the reigns to them as we had our hands full with the new baby, homeschool and leading the aviation ministry. We are still occasionally involved, and try to have a get together every so often just to keep the relationships. This weekend we plan to have a Christmas party with everyone. We will be decorating Christmas cookies together and the youth can also swim and hang out in our “yard.”

Aviation Corner



We continue to have a great sense of purpose and confirmation that we are where God wants us to be. In the last year with the borders shut down and the state ship having several mechanical issues, our flight program has been an essential link between the main island of Yap and the outer islands. In addition, we have received requests to fly even greater distances to the neighboring states of the FSM to retrieve people who were stranded. This was detailed in our last newsletter but has happened a couple more times since. As the only pilot currently here at our base, it has been manageable, but has definitely shown us that we need more pilots and mechanics to share the load. We are happy to announce that we have two new pilots who will be joining our team in 2021.

This is why it’s good to be mechanically trained in missions. On the remote island of Woleai, the squat switch was knocked loose by debris on the runway and would not allow the gear to retract after takeoff. So, I landed again and had to repair it.

As many of you have already heard, PMA received an early Christmas present this year. As we look to the future of PMA’s
service to Micronesia, we decided on the Beechcraft King Air 200 being the next step to a faster, safer and more capable
service. We have been researching it over the last year, and aggressively began looking for grants to be able to acquire a $1.5 Million aircraft, purchase spare parts and also cover the training. When Samaritan’s Purse heard of our need for this aircraft, Franklin Graham called our PMA president and told him that they would donate two of these aircraft to PMA, as well as cover the costs, for our training. Read more of the story. Praise the Lord for his provision!

Family and Homeschool

Our kids are growing up fast and so is our family! Tommy (11), Krista (also 11, and a close Yapese friend who often stays with us), Raina (10), Honora (8), Theo (6), and now Owen (6 mo.) do everything together.

Someone was selling some used bikes on island and we were able to get the kids each a bike. They just love riding all the time. When they are not in school, they like to also swim, play with their friends, play legos, play card games, and color or make crafts. Besides that, we have two Outer Island friends, Ces and Gabriela, staying with us much of the time. They have become like family over the years, and our kids are blessed to have lots of “Aunties.”

Heidi works hard homeschooling 12 kids. A friend of hers named Lori who has a child in the homeschool also helps 4 days a week with teaching the K-2 nd graders. This has been a big help to Heidi. Ces insisted on coming to Yap to help Heidi with the baby while she teaches, and she has been a lifesaver this school year.

We often pray and thank God for you who are partnering with us in prayer and through giving financially. We know that we could not be here without your prayers and support. We are constantly affirmed by God that this is exactly where he wants us to be. We love the work and the life here. It’s hard work but always lots of variety and very rewarding with all the humanitarian services that we provide.


  • For wisdom as Amos works with the FAA and begins training for the new aircraft
  • For Amos to be able to renew his FAA Medical long distance thru email with the FAA
  • Safety in flights and for a keen eye to spot any mechanical irregularities.
  • For Franklin Graham and the donation of two aircraft to PMA
  • Healthy baby Owen and also the rest of the family
  • For all of you who are partnering with us in this ministry

God Bless you all,
Amos & Heidi Collins

Tommy, Raina, Honora, Theo, & Owen

Check out this new website that shows a lot of the work that Amos is involved in!