(written 10/31/20)

This is the status of our country, Slovakia, and the headlines of the local newspaper last Sunday. We have been in lockdown mode for the last week and those who reside in Slovakia will undergo ‘voluntary’ testing this weekend. If people choose to not get tested, they need to continue with self-isolation for another 10 days. In fact, much of Europe is ‘closed’ as we are having the second wave of coronavirus, just like much of the USA.

For those of us who are living in a host country, it can be very unsettling. It’s difficult if you are a missionary and trying to learn a new language when everyone is wearing a mask and you can’t see the person’s mouth when they are speaking, let alone the sounds being muffled. It is also very difficult to meet new people or even meet up with old friends because so many people are fearful of catching the virus and we also have the many government regulations to adhere to that tend to change at a moment’s notice. Many of us can’t meet with our churches or church plants that we’ve been a part of and are unable to meet in restaurants or cafes due to them being closed. We realize that many of you are dealing with similar issues as well, but the stress of dealing with these things outside of your home country tends to compound the stress and strain of daily living. Some missionaries are waiting months to enter their new countries of service due to the inability to get a visa and travel while others are stuck in their host countries for longer than they had hoped due to not having a visa for when they hope to return. With all that being said, please pray for stamina, peace, grace, patience, and health – mental, spiritual, physical, for those of us who are seeking to continue to fulfill God’s call to share the good news of Jesus throughout the world.


Some of you already know our endings and new beginnings that will transpire this year. For those of you who are unaware, Trey and Elise will be closing a 23 year-old chapter with the International Mission Board on December 15th when they take early retirement. We have loved serving with IMB as they have enabled us to follow God’s leadership to go and make disciples here in Europe. We have also loved helping our IMB colleagues fulfill God’s call on their lives as we have served in leadership for the past 12 years for 11 different countries and the personnel there. Thank you so much for your selfless commitment to support us through financial giving, serving as volunteers, praying and encouraging us through the years. Please pray for the packing and moving process that is before us. Also, ask that we would finish well and have good closure with our IMB colleagues as well as our national friends and partners as we prepare to leave.

We will be settling into life in Weatherford, Oklahoma, where Trey’s mom lives.


Trey & Elise