We received news from Hewa!

Our Coworkers, Keith and Angie, had a chance to fly to Hewa to visit the village and check up on the church and the new Christian school. They gave a great report about the believers and elders. Keith said, “Gabriel (school teacher) is doing fantastic at teaching. . . all the people report (about his) excellent character and they are very pleased with his performance. . . The school is going great (and) the kids are excited.”

Keith and Angie reported that school attendance in our church building is still around 50 students each day and that Gabriel anticipates many more children are ready to enroll in January if we can hire a second teacher. This is all very encouraging news, especially as we have been holding our breath, waiting to hear how things have been going since our departure in July.

Sports on airfield
First school classroom
Morning exercises before class

We are also very encouraged that the Lord is starting to provide finances toward monthly expenses (including wages, curriculum and airfare) and toward the future construction of a ‘real’ classroom with desks and teacher offices. We are convinced that a quality Christian education is a key component for the development of the Hewa tribe and have been on pins and needles, waiting to see how God will provide for every need in His perfect timing.

We are also pleased to report that a good friend in New Zealand has developed two new videos (plus a short introduction video) about what God has been doing in the Hewa tribe. Please join with us in honoring God for how He has been bringing the light of His Son into Hewa.




If you would like to make a one-time donation or ongoing gifts to support the Christian school you may send your gift to the regular Ethnos address in Florida (312 W 1st St Sanford, FL 32771), and include a note to have 100% of the gift forwarded to the Hewa Christian School fund in PNG, Acct # 416228.

With MUCH THANKSGIVING for your love and prayers,

Jonathan, Susan & Mikenna