We send our thanks to each one of you for your prayers and personal interest in our ministry. We so much appreciate the family of believers that God led us to, early in our missionary career. That foundation of prayer and financial giving that was laid, at that time, has been what God has used to bring much fruit through our labor together – and has brought glory to the Father in heaven.

We pray daily for God’s protection over each of you during this pandemic. He has provided for you, and you have faithfully given back to support the work of missions. Thank you for your faithfulness. God is glorified!

Please pray for a man named Kenny. He does not believe that there is a god and that the Bible is not true. for Steve to have the right things to say to him, that the Holy Spirit can use, to convict him of sin, and his need for forgiveness. God is using our witness to draw people to the Lord. We pass out tracts and give a verbal witness daily to those who we come in contact with. Many people have never heard that there is a God who loves them and wants to help them.

Question: How is God being seen in your daily walk through life? We live with the perspective that, if we are arrested for being a Christian, there will be enough evidence found to convict us!

We continue to sort through surplus clothing donations weekly. We try to find the right sizes of clothing items that are needed for individuals who have been rescued from human trafficking. Please pray that human traffickers will be found out and stopped! Pray also for those women going through the long term process of recovery from this.

Sandy’s has completed her 9 week therapy sessions for her left ankle. She is still doing stretches and exercises to complete the process of getting back to a normal walk without a limp. She sees daily progress for which we are thankful. She is still experiencing pain that is part of the healing process. Next week she goes back to the orthopedic doctor – and may be released. Thank you for your prayers about this.

Steve has had a nagging pain in his right shoulder. He finally decided to have it checked to see if there was something that was damaged that could be repaired. An x-ray and MRI revealed multiple tears on the rotator cuff and a large bone spur. That spur is pushing down on the rotator cuff. The doctor gave him a cortisone shot and increased ibuprofen to 600 mg 3 times per day. We will see if that will take away the inflammation and the pain. He should start feeling good results, from the shot, within a week or two. If after six to eight weeks the pain is still present, then the doctor will do arthroscopic surgery on December 14th. He believes that he can repair the tears and clean up the bone spur. Thank you for your prayers about this.

In addition to all of the many changes going on with this pandemic, our grandson, Zane, was seeing spots and dizziness and had a migraine headache that lasted for five days. Medication finally took the migraine away. The doctor ordered an EEG and an MRI to attempt to determine if there was an underlying cause for the symptoms. All of the test have come back normal. Thank you for your prayers for Zane. God knows all about this and is answering prayer.

We love you all and are listening for the trump,

Steve and Sandy Aholt