Is the Lord calling you to become a Missionary?

Young and about to leave high school, I was surprised by the question of becoming a Missionary not once but twice. My initial response was “Me, crazy, A Missionary? No, no.” Years later, guess who became a Missionary!

Like the Levites, I would rather be on God’s side, to obey Him than to offer fat of rams (1st Samuels 15 verse 22.) Even though it was a hard decision, it was necessary. Hard in terms of giving up my job, the potential of buying my land and building my house, the potential of being promoted and making it to the top, the assurance of a guaranteed monthly salary, the approval of my family and the pleasure of taking care of the needs of my parents etc. etc.

It was a hard decision, I was still willing to go half way by doing Discipleship Training School (DTS) and return to work.
Imagine me, a full-time volunteer, depending on others, no way! I am independent.

Graduating with a DTS certificate was my desire. However I fell sick and had to complete it months after. There went the grace period to resume the duties I have given up for DTS. I was determined to survive; I found a Job and went to the Cayman Islands with the intention of getting a long-term work permit. The process was completed and the permit granted but I missed it because of some confusion.

I re-applied for my job. Things were sailing smoothly until file thirteen picked it up and it disappeared. Sub-consciously I was determined not be a missionary. Part-time, yes, no problem. Full time, no-no. I got married and was comfortable being a part-time volunteer with a yearning of the ‘if’. Long story short, my marriage crumbled. Talk about providence!

Today here I am, serving as a full-time Missionary since 2013. I am reminded of the scripture in Deuteronomy 10:9 “Therefore Levi has no part or inheritance with his brethren. The Lord is his inheritance. As the Lord your God promised him.”  To have God as my inheritance wow, it’s an honour!

Leviticus 14:29 “And the Levities (because he has no part or inheritance with you) and the stranger or temporary resident and the fatherless and the widow who are in your towns shall come and eat and be satisfied so that the Lord your God may bless you in all the work of your hands that you do.”  I am eating and will eat because of you (my supporters). May the Lord bless the work of your hands as you walk in obedience.

Being a missionary, pulls on your talents and your ability to be flexible for service even as a novice. Covid -19 has provided many ministry opportunities including the novel farming initiative, which was my brainchild. We have been reaping lettuce, callaloo, sweet pepper and a host of other fruits and vegetables. It was a learning process about the weeding, sowing and reaping principles.
Our YWAM industrial kitchen has benefitted from the initiative and we have saved funds. Tending to the farm is absolutely necessary. If left unattended, it will become more challenging to maintain. This we can apply to our spiritual walk with the Lord and in discipling others.

From the bountiful mango provision on base, we were able to bless our neighbours and passers-by. God is strategic in blessing others. He used the mango provision as a way of connecting me to a family. They were blessed with mangos, I counseled and ministered to them along with others. Today we are still in contact with each other.

The resetting that Covid-19 brings also gives me the opportunity to re-organize the base library, learn and acquire new skills which include weed whacking and pool maintenance.  This resetting also provides for game fellowship and social interaction with fellow missionaries during our ‘Spa Day’ on base. My birthday was also in the mix of things; I was blessed with two of my favourite games, Splendour and Skip-Bo. To top it off, I celebrated the birthdays and anniversary of my missionary friends in a good way.

While engaged in so many ministries, I still find time to spend with the Lord at our Dig-in campus session held on Mondays. This is time spent in worship, intercession and bible study. We concluded our last Dig-in session by looking at the 18 YWAM Foundational Values. With the onset of Covid-19, our intercession and worship sessions have increased significantly. I have been growing and benefitting from this.

Ministry is never complete unless you interact with your neighbouring community and YWAM, Jamaica is known for its service in various communities. YWAM believes in championing our youth and making God known to everyone. This was no different when we invited the youth from the Moy Hall community for a three-day youth camp. They were exposed to creative teaching, the use of the pool and were also blessed with a meal. We are now concentrating on a one-to-one counselling session with two families within the community.

Our NIKO staff training which I conducted, was done in Mandeville for six days. There were eight persons in attendance, a mix of teens and adults with the youngest being thirteen. Based on testimonials, the training was considered impactful. The trainees preferred the non-traditional mode of training.

Even in the midst of life, we have to brace ourselves for the unexpected. We lost one of our very own, Dawn Jacobs, who served our base for many years. She was a hard worker and a passionate educator and mentor to the youths. Marion Jacobs, a staff member and sister to the deceased, is still grieving at this time. As a friend, I have been supporting her during this time.

Serving others is never confined to my mission base but also serving the wider community including my church. Leading Bible study, preaching and teaching as well as sharing the word of God during Fasting services were some of the ways in which I’ve been serving within my church.

I have since started an intercessory group from my church. Several groups have emerged from that group and are meeting regularly.
We had our first prayer meeting using ZOOM and members of our church were in attendance.

As a non-salaried missionary, I depend on the support of others to carry out the work of the Lord locally and internationally. Please feel free to give your Prayerful and or Financial support to advance the kingdom of God. With your help and partnership, we will be able to reach and touch lives, that I would be unable to accomplish alone.

Praise and thanksgiving

I thank God for the opportunity to bless others not only with words of encouragement and prayer but also with finance. In this season many are challenged and I was happy to be a support. I thank you for being a blessing to me through your words of encouragement, prayer and finance.

Prayer Request

Please continue to pray that I will continue to be available, and to hear and obey without delay. That God will continue to add others like you to my support team.
All YWAM staff is responsible to raise their own support through financial gifts from friends, family and churches. Will you prayerfully consider joining my support team for the next two years by giving a monthly or one-time donation?

May God bless and keep you and your family that you may prosper in all your endeavours.