Greetings all!

We trust this finds you all well as we enter into this autumn season. Even though we are hindered in some ways by the Covid-19 virus we are grateful for how the Lord is opening up ways for us to continue on with our ministry.

I have enjoyed being able to set up “online” teaching sessions with some of our churches in Wana and also with our Wana co-workers in the provincial capital. As you are aware we have 3 Wana families who serve on our missionary team. Because of the fact that they are residents of the island and their home is in Wana they are not as restricted in their travel and activity as foreigners. One of the most important aspects of our work we call “God’s Word for the Church,” and our goal is to make sure that they have access to God’s word in their own language, that they have Bible lessons, and are able to read God’s word.

This past month I was able dialogue with “Faith Comes by Hearing” (FCBH), who were the ones who put the Wana New Testament on to “Audio.” Many of the Wana folks now have cell phones so FCBH was able to develop an app for us which they can download onto their phones which not only enables them to listen to God’s Word, but also allows them to follow along with the printed text on their screens. As it is being read each sentence is highlighted in yellow to make it very visible to them.

Along with this we have our literacy teams busy at work in a couple of our villages teaching literacy to those who can’t yet read. These folks are really looking forward to being able to read all those weird looking letters written on paper!

The Wana people lead busy lives working hard in their fields and gardens during the day so evening is often the best time for them to study literacy. The down side is that the lighting is low and sometimes even goes out on them, so they use “forehead” flash lights to fill in. These are exciting days as we make God’s word more available to them and also as they learn to be able to read it. We do not have the book of Psalms translated but some of the Wana leaders paraphrased Psalms 119:105 it reads, “O Pue YAWE tuntuMu mawali silo resi aku, pasi mawali seja reme ri raya mpalinja ngku” = “O Lord YHWH Your word has become a lamp for me, and has also become a light for my walking.”

Thank you all for your prayers and being a part of all what is happening is Asia Pacific!


Ed n Jeanne