We would like to introduce Roy and Elizabeth to you. They are attending Bible studies on Tuesdays and Thursdays and are a little over halfway through the evangelistic lessons, Creation to Christ.

They are from Milne Bay Province and came into the community to help his sister who is married to a local man. They decided to stay awhile and God opened the door for us to get together. I love to see God set up these scenarios. Reminds me of the book of Acts.

They are living with the unsaved brother-in-law who is a drunk and wife-beater. It’s rough.

I want to tell you about my recent trip to the coastal city of Lae, Papua New Guinea. I was going there to pick up 34 boxes of new Bibles written in Pidgin English, our trade language. It seems there is a hunger for God’s word, and we resell the Bibles at cost and they sell fast.

I decided to go by a public passenger 26-seater bus. When it arrived at our place it had all but two seats filled with various people all heading to Lae. I was told to sit on a seat near the window which had been reinforced with a 2×3, so my legs were boxed in, so it was hard to stretch them during the 7-hour drive to go 190 miles. It takes that long because the main road, which is the only road to Lae, is in such bad condition. The dust and potholes were bad most of the way.

Where will I sleep when I arrive, was the question going through my mind, but I needn’t have worried because God had worked that out. A young man named David from our community was in the seat next to me and he arranged a place for me to stay. When we arrived outside of Lae, we got off the bus and were met by another young man who escorted us to his parents’ home. I was overwhelmed with his parents’ hospitality as they welcomed me, cooked a great meal and gave me a room with a king-size bed and private bathroom. How’s that for preparing a place before me? The dad was from Australia and he wanted to talk with me and asked me a lot of questions as we talked together for a couple hours. Some were cultural questions, and some were not. How’s that for an open door?

Early the next morning, I got a call that the bus would come pick us up where they had dropped us off, so I left about 6:30, not being able to say good-bye to my hosts, but their son accompanied David and I. The bus took us to the wholesale bookstore, and they loaded the 34 boxes of Bibles then loaded 50 boxes of photocopy paper for another person and finally 43 boxes of day-old chicks with 52 peeps in each box. You probably can’t imagine what the 2,236-member choir sounded like for the 7-hour trip home, but it was not your regular background music.

We arrived just before dark and the 34 boxes were loaded into our storage container. Nice to have a little adventure.

Jim and Kathy Tanner

Papua New Guinea