Dear Team Members,

We thought we would highlight the work of Ron and Michelle Jennings, who became members of New Tribes Mission in June of 1979 and then started working in the Philippines. Charlie was their Language School teacher when we were based in New Zealand in the 1970s. In 1979 the Language School moved back to Sydney, Australia. To top it off, when the Jennings were on furlough in Australia in the 1990s, our son Ben met and fell in love with their daughter Stephanie, who later became his wife 🙂 Stephanie grew up in the Philippines, where her folks worked with the Higaunon people, so she is called a missionary kid!!!

Due to the corona virus, life for Ron and Michelle has changed a lot!!! The following is what thrills our hearts!!!!!!!!!!

Lance and Laura are Ron and Michelle’s co-workers. Lance and Laura are now based in the USA and Lance is working on the 1st draft of the Higuanon Old Testament books. They make trips back to the tribe every year for several months to check the new drafts they have done with the tribal language checkers and also to work with Ron and Michelle on the final in tribe check of books that have been finished.

Ron and Michelle Jennings minister among the Higaunon people of the Philippines. Workwise, with Lance and Laura there, at this time and the lack of interruptions due to the Corona Virus, a lot more has been accomplished than they had planned. It has enabled them to finish their [Higaunon] comprehension checking on Nehemiah, Ezra, 1 and 2 Chronicles, Daniel and Isaiah. Now Ron is getting all of that ready to send to our mission’s official checker. This is the English rendering of those books for him to check against the Hebrew for accuracy. This will be several months of work since the things that the mission’s checker picks up have to be retranslated and checked again with the Higaunon translation helpers. Their plan had been by the end of this year to do a preliminary print of all their Old Testament books that will be passed for initial printing in the Higaunon language. That printing is no longer going to happen, because they have it all on a Bible app which is so much better, because they can keep it updated.

Again, this thrills our hearts and we know Ron and Michelle and Lance and Laura! We know they would appreciate your PRAYERS for the ongoing work among the Higaunon people, where there are believers and a Church established.

It thrills our hearts to have you as part of our team by your LOVE, CARE, and PRAYERS!! You encourage our hearts, and we trust our Father to encourage you also!!!!

Now for a short update on our health: Cherrie’s heart issues are doing better though she gets really tired possibly due to heart meds she is on and the cancer med she is on until the end of 2021, but the urology issues are still not good, so she continues to see the Urologist. Charlie is having tests to see why his blood pressure is up and down, and his pulse often in the 40’s which makes him REALLY TIRED!!! THANK YOU FOR YOUR CONTINUED PRAYERS as we continue to reach out as we are able.

All because of Jesus,

Charlie & Cherrie

PS:I (Cherrie) love writing, BUT I am finding it hard to sit at the computer for long periods of time, due to my back. So we think we will not be able to send out our Updates every month, BUT probably every other month. We know you all understand!! If there is some URGENT news, we will try and get that to you all!!! You are all loved and appreciated!!!!!