Greetings in Christ!
The Fall semester is one-third over, and we are seeing the Lord’s hand of blessing in so many ways.

We praise God that we haven’t had any incidents of COVID-19 on campus since the summer. Staff and students are amazingly healthy. We continue to monitor staff and student health closely, thanks in part to our new on-campus nurse!

Due to having our classes online in April and May (thanks to COVID!), we’ve learned a lot about live synchronous remote education, so we have opened up two of our classes for part-time online learning. This means we are doing these classes as a hybrid—a mix of online and in-person students. This is a challenging but rewarding way to teach. One of these classes is my Human Relationships class. The picture of my class, above, shows students both in the classroom and displayed on the screen.

Sarah is leading a mentoring group again this year, pictured above; she has two sophomores in her “year 2 group” and two upperclassmen leaders who are training to lead their own group in the next year or two. And all of these young women are a part of the church that we help lead, which creates a special connection. This last weekend they were in Page for the annual school camping trip, and all took a day trip to Mount Zion National Park together. The experience was extremely bonding for the group. Please pray for Sarah’s mentoring of Ana, Skie, Brina, and Karly (left to right).

IBC has its second accreditation site team visit later this month (October 20-22). After their visit, the site team will make a recommendation regarding whether we should be approved for “initial accreditation” in February. Please pray for our preparations over the next 10 days, and for a meaningful connection with the six members of the team. IBC is very unique; pray that the team members will be able to grasp who we are and why we do things the way we do.

Our family is doing well. Sarah continues to homeschool all four children; the older two are in junior high now and it is a LOT more work for everyone! In August we acquired two dogs, which the children are greatly enjoying—while dad is trying to keep them from destroying our yard! Abby continues to have inexplicable abdominal pain, and we continue to pursue treatment and a diagnosis; please continue to pray for this. Sarah recently was diagnosed with a number of food allergies, and so has greatly adjusted her diet.

Thank you for your partnership in prayer and financial support! We delight to know that so many are “standing with us” across the country!

Jason, Sarah, Abby, Lizzy, Angie, and David