Who would have thought this pandemic and accompanying restrictions would still be influencing our lives to so great an extent in September!? In this area the discomfort and anxiety is compounded by weather patterns that are equally strange: a persistent wind night after night, almost no rain during our normal monsoonal period, and excessive heat. Yet life is much more difficult in so many other places in this world. By God’s grace, we continue moving forward.

We have now gone through our first two days of classes. We continue to attempt to exercise a degree of caution (distancing when possible and masks when not) but are holding classes in person.

There are 19 full-time students on campus this semester and two attending classes from home. In addition, we have more part-timers than ever before (22) for a total of 43 students!

Thank God with us that we were able to turn in the accreditation documents on time. Please pray we would be able to demonstrate who we really are and what we really do to those who come for the site team visit October 20-22.

Pray also for God’s protection over the school and all those associated with it. Pray for effectiveness in teaching, for hearts that are humble before the Lord.

Thank you so much for standing faithfully with me.