Dear family and friends,

There is not much new news from here, but I have come up with a few things to share that may be of interest to you. I will close with some VERY exciting news from Papua New Guinea.

Last week I attended a Personal Care Meeting with the administrator of our Assisted Living Facility (ALF) and the nursing staff. Part of my job includes caring for the needs of our ALF residents. Besides the normal passing on of information, we also had an in-service video to watch. The video was about donning and doffing PPE. We were instructed how to put on and take off Personal Protective Equipment. If we were to have a possible (or confirmed) case of COVID-19 in our building, anyone entering the resident’s room would need to be suited up with an isolation gown, gloves, face shield, and mask. We are thankful that so far we have not had any cases within the Latham Center building. Please pray that all staff and residents remain healthy.

The number of residents in our Latham Center has decreased in the past few months. We have 8 resident rooms in the ALF section. We are licensed for 10 residents (which allows for a husband and wife in a room). We have 3 empty rooms. Those living in the ALF receive their medications in the nursing office. We are a non-nursing facility, and therefore the nurses only do first aid if a need arises. The nurse on duty assists the residents with showering and other personal care tasks as needed. There are 18 rooms that are designated for Independent Living. The folks in these rooms take care of all their own medications and need very little supervision for the most part. Three meals per day are available for all Latham Center residents. Some choose to only eat 2 meals a day in the dining room, but many opt for all three. The meals are “home cooked” and cost very little if compared to restaurant prices. Presently 5 of the 18 Independent Living rooms are empty. Things are always changing around here.

Our housekeeping staff (me and another staff member who works part time), plus a volunteer, and some retirees, clean resident rooms once a week, do 45 to 50 loads of laundry each week, as well as clean public bathrooms and all other common areas in the building. With extra cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting responsibilities required of us by the health department, we are managing o.k. but there is still a need for 2 staff ladies who can each work 20 hours per week. Your prayers would be appreciated in this matter. Also please pray that I will experience God’s grace and strength to accomplish all that He wants done. I also need to know when it is alright to walk away, even if the work is not finished.

Brad spends time each day in his finance office taking care of all financial aspects for our facility for retired missionaries. He continues to work on learning the new accounting program that he will start using in January of 2021.

In PNG, the gospel continues to grow and bear fruit in many places. The Kaje church recently celebrated their first baptism. Check out the short 4 minute video of that exciting event at the link below. Elsewhere in PNG, both the Amdu and Wantakia works are currently teaching through the Scriptures chronologically, nearing the presentation of the gospel in the coming weeks. Please keep praying that the Lord would draw many more to Himself in these two tribal works. These are exciting days!


Because of Calvary,

Brad and Wanda Hull

(Serving at The Homes of Ethnos360 in Sanford, Florida)