Dear Team Members, August 28th, 2020

We want to let you all know what an AWESOME place you have in our hearts!!!

Our hearts are Encouraged as we received an update from our friends Dave and Fran Jordan, who work with the Prai people in Thailand. They rejoiced saying, “The long-awaited day arrived when a truck pulled up to our porch with boxes of the Prai Bibles. They are being distributed and enjoyed. A huge thank you to the Lord and people who provided for this.” We were in Missionary training with Dave and Fran and have had the joy of following them for over 40 years since they began working with the Prai people.

Charlie and I both are thankful for your PRAYERS continued PRAYERS:

Earlier we had asked PRAYER for Charlie with his lightheadedness. Our local GP re-arranged his blood pressure medicines, with some success. Charlie’s blood pressure is still not right, plus his pulse runs low most of the time, even down to 41, so Charlie made an appointment with a local cardiologist (the one I go to) to see if the doctor can look at all his meds and do an overall check-up. When Charlie made the appointment, they said he had been there back in 2012 – so they are treating him as a new patient. The appointment is on September 15th, the day after my routine heart appointment. Since February my heart has been doing well, for which we are thankful. We are both quite tired, and we look for answers for Charlie. For me, the tiredness is most likely from the past six years of health issues, and meds I am on, but expect that to improve.

I (Cherrie) have had some health issues this past month with surgery on my bladder. It has not been a big success, so I will continue to work with the Urologist, trusting success is forth coming!

No news on our trip to Australia that has been put on hold due to the Corona Virus. Our tickets have been extended to the end of next year. By then it will be eight years since seeing our son Ben and his family :o(

Charlie volunteers up at our assisted living building at the reception desk when needed, so is tested every two weeks for the covid virus and has been negative. I was tested before I had the recent surgery and was negative. This retirement center is doing fine for which we are thankful!!!

We love and appreciate you all and trust our Father to be your constant Encouragement also!!!

With our Love,

Charlie & Cherrie

A bit ago we sent this out to a few folk so now am sending it to everyone!!! Have a LAUGH!!!

News from the Case’s Household!! Recently I walked into our kitchen and heard a metal clanging sound! I looked out the window and saw nothing and it did stop! A bit later I heard it again so went out onto out back porch and it sounded like the noise was coming from our air-conditioner and it looked like a stick was sticking out of the fan area of the air-conditioner. So, I called Charlie, who looked at the problem. When the air-conditioner stopped for a little bit, Charlie pulled out, what we thought was a stick, but it was a SNAKE!!!!! It was dead and all dried up, so acted like a stick!!!! All is fine now that my knight in shining armor solved the problem :o) Maybe now we will get back to NORMAL, but in the Case household I do not know what NORMAL IS!!! Have a GOOD WEEK!!!!