Sunday morning church in Wana

Greetings all,

As mentioned in earlier correspondence we are thankful that even in spite of the Covid-19 the Lord still continues to build His church and open up avenues for us. 41 years ago, when we first moved into Wana, I would have never dreamt that one day I would be talking with them via a tool called “Skype” or “Whats App!”

One of our Wana co-workers recently moved back into our first Wana village which has recently acquired a cell phone tower. We have equipped him with a good computer and cell phone – with the cell phone he is able to create a “hot-spot” which he connects his computer to making it possible for us to do skype conversations. We have been using it fairly regularly for meeting together with him and many of the pastors.

Last week, I was talking with some of our pastors saying that if we had some outside speakers we could hook up to the computer then maybe I could talk to the whole church group. The pastor in whose house they were meeting that morning quickly fetched a couple of his own speakers and to our amazement it worked! They said the whole house can now hear you “Pa’a Jepri” (father of Geoff) as they refer to me.

They then asked me if I would speak in Sunday church so we decided to give it a go and see if it would work. Sometimes the cell tower there gets overloaded, but they felt that most people would be in church so that shouldn’t be a factor. Well, we started our computers at the set time and everything worked perfectly! Our co-worker, Esron, sat the computer up on the pulpit so I felt like I was standing behind the pulpit and right there in front of them – my first sermon to them via skype!!

As normal with them, after the main speaker, they then have one or two others who will get up and further expound on what was being taught so the service lasted for well over an hour. The latest of technology is opening up some new avenues for us, as besides being able to address the whole group, I am also looking forward to doing some topical teaching in the coming days and weeks with some of our pastors. The first topic we will be studying is the “Foundation for Biblical Giving” so I have been enjoying digging into the Word and coming up with an outline for teaching on this. Thanks for your continued prayers and your part on our team which enables us to be involved in this wonderful work.

God Bless,

Ed & Jeanne