Dear Team Members,

How thankful we are for SPECIAL FOLK, like you!!!!! Our lives have been enriched and blessed over the years by your presence in our hearts and lives!! You are in our PRAYERS also!!!!!!

Then we think about how our lives are enriched by the Word of God that Strengthens and Encourages us day by day – moment by moment, as we walk this journey with Him. How thankful we are for His Son Jesus and His gift of ETERNAL LIFE, when He paid the penalty for our sins on Calvary sooo many years ago!!!

This Pandemic Corona Virus has interrupted life for everyone. BUT FOR GOD, we would give up, BUT WE KNOW THE END OF THE STORY – HE IS THE VICTOR because of JESUS!!!!!!!!!!!!! Psalm 118: 28 & 29 gives our sentiments: “You are my God, and I give thanks to YOU; You are my God, I extol You. Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good; For His lovingkindness is everlasting.”

We live in a duplex here at our mission retirement center. We have an assisted living building for folk needing more help. At times, Charlie is a volunteer in that building at the reception desk. All staff, volunteers, and residents in that building have been checked for the virus and all the results have come back negative. No one on this property has the virus for which we are thankful!!! Guidelines are strict, and that is helping!! They will be doing the test every two weeks.

We would appreciate your PRAYERS for Charlie as he has lightheadedness problems. The doctor has re-arranged the timing of when he takes his meds which is helping a little. Cherrie saw her Oncologist this week for her six-month checkup and all went well for which we are thankful. She will be having a day procedure for another problem, but we are waiting to hear when that will be done. We BOTH APPRECIATE YOUR PRAYERS!!

There is no update at this writing regarding our trip to Australia, due to the Corona Virus causing no flights to Australia – except that it will be IN HIS TIMING!!!

Sad for this world situation, YET REJOICING because of JESUS,

Charlie & Cherrie