How did PFO go?

The 2020 virtual Pre-Field Orientation for the new Ethnos360 Associate Members went well considering it was the first time for being held online. The orientation covered 7 days and the photo here is of the room where many of the presentations were done. A different experience when compared with the orientations that have been held in the past.

Our online PFO attendees joined from Alaska, California, Arizona, Ohio, Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky, North Carolina, South Carolina and Florida. The start time each day was between 9 and 10 AM Eastern time which was quite early for those joining from Arizona, California and Alaska! Please pray for these individuals as they engage in raising support and that they would be able to get to their place of ministry in a timely manner once they have their needed support. Quite challenging during these days of the pandemic! But we are confident that our Lord will supply and open the road!

Regarding the pandemic here in Florida, as of the 8th of July, there have been almost 224,000 cases reported. At “The Homes of Ethnos360”, where we live, there have been no reported cases of Covid-19. Very thankful. Please pray with us that The Homes of Ethnos360 would remain free of the Covid-19 virus. Enough about the pandemic!

It is encouraging to know that a team of Ethnos360 missionaries, located/living in rugged mountain terrain, in Papua New Guinea, are now teaching in phase 1 (Evangelistic Phase) of the Chronological teaching. They are teaching the Wantakian people after working hard for 5 years to learn the language and culture. It is a difficult language. Please pray that the teaching would be clear and understandable to the Wantakians and that the hearers would fully embrace the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ..

Thank you for praying for the new Associates, protection from the virus and the outreach to the Wantakians.


God bless you!

Dave & Diann