Dear family and friends,

Greetings to you in the Name of Jesus! God is good!

More than a few times, I have thought about sitting down and writing a letter. Then I thought, what do I write about? Since COVID-19 became an issue, things have been quite different around here. Our governor has been putting some pretty tight restrictions on us at our facility. Members from the health department came and checked us out more than once. Their job is to make sure that screening procedures are in place and followed exactly. They spent time with the Administrator of our Assisted Living Facility as well as the Director of Nursing. They questioned me about different cleaning procedures and products that we use. With the rising number of cases in the state of Florida, we continue to do all we can to protect our vulnerable residents. I am thankful to be part of the team that is meeting their needs and serving the Lord as we do so. We are thankful to the Lord that at this point no one on our property has gotten COVID-19.

I am so very thankful for the extra help that I have been getting recently. God is answering prayers! Cindy and her husband are now staying in our RV Court and volunteering here at The Homes of Ethnos 360. As a Registered Nurse, Cindy understands the importance of clean! She works 4 hours every morning Monday through Friday. Caitie is a college student who is home for the summer months. She grew up in Papua New Guinea where her parents were serving the Lord with New Tribes Mission. She is an employee and doing a fantastic job! She is a quick learner and works all mornings and some afternoons as well.

We continue to hear amazing stories about what God is doing around Papua New Guinea, even while the world is on standstill with COVID-19. Check out the links if you want to read about what is happening in PNG:

Missionaries in the Amdu and Pei tribes are in the middle of teaching through a series of lessons that lead up to the presentation of the clear gospel message. Pray for open hearts and strength and wisdom for the teachers. For more information on the Amdu outreach see

This month the Wantakia people will start hearing the Bible lessons in their language. Click Reach Wantakia for the latest update from the team.

Each year during the month of June, our mission has an orientation program called PFO at our Home Office here in Sanford. This is a Pre-Field Orientation for folks who are going out as associate members of Ethnos360. This includes folks who will be serving 1 to 4 years overseas as well as fulfilling ministries in the USA. Due to the COVID crisis, these meetings are all being held virtually. It is exciting to hear of the many who will soon be leaving and filling in the ranks. I noticed that there are some headed to PNG to teach at Numonohi Christian Academy, including a kindergarten teacher. Yeah!

We appreciate your prayers for us as we continue to minister at the Homes of Ethnos360 in Sanford, Florida.

Brad is making progress understanding and working with the new accounting program. The date to begin using the program will not be until January 2021 due to folks still trying to get all their ducks in a row. In the meantime, Brad is figuring things out little by little.

I, Wanda am spending time cleaning and supervising the housekeeping crew as we attempt to keep the resident rooms, offices, and public places of the building clean and safe for everyone who lives or works in the Latham Center. As our residents age, they become more and more needy. Many of our folks are using walkers, canes, bed rails, lift chairs, power recliners, shower chairs, toilet chairs, oxygen, etc. Growing older is not easy. Please pray that I will be gracious and patient as I assist different ones as I go about my daily duties. It is my prayer that others will see Jesus in my life as I work.

Please pray for the Lord’s protection against the COVID-19 virus for all our Latham Center residents and staff as well as those living independently in the duplexes.

By His grace,

Brad and Wanda Hull