Here we are in another month, a rainy one at that!!! WOW the year is flying by!!!!

We arrived in Florida 13 years ago!! Tomorrow is our 57th Anniversary!! YES, THE YEARS HAVE FLOWN BY!!! God is sooo good and we look forward to many more years!!!!

On a SAD note, our dear friend Mark Cain GRADUATED to HEAVEN this past month. OF COURSE, we REJOICE that he is with his SAVIOR Who he loved and served SOOO FAITHFULLY, NO MORE SICKNESS OR PAIN – PERFECTLY HEALED!!!! We know though his wife Joyce and extended family would appreciate PRAYER!!!

On April 28th, Joyce Cain wrote:

Mark did something this morning not easy which reminded me of the Apostle Paul writing to his disciples. He wrote and I typed for him a farewell letter to his beloved Guahibo believers on the prairies of Colombia…. Another HUGE blessing is to have been able to finish up the Guahibo Bible right before Mark got too bad off! It has been the desire of Mark’s heart for God to allow him to finish this last part of the job God had given us, before he meets the ONE he has been serving for 48 years! These portions of the OT and revised NT took us and the Guahibo co-translators 17 years! YOU who gave and prayed to that end are also a huge part!!! THANK YOU!! It takes a TEAM!!!!!

At our retirement center, not one has been sick with the corona virus. Since Charlie volunteers as a receptionist in our Assisted Living Facility, he, along with other staff, volunteers, and residents were all checked for the virus by a team sent in from the Florida health department, and all tests were negative. Sooo thankful all is well here. Our ALF is still on lockdown and our independent living areas are still social distancing and wearing masks, but we are being guided by our Health Department.

Lately Charlie has been feeling lightheaded, has raised blood pressure, and low pulse. We had our routine doctor appointments on Wednesday, and we were both encouraged as our doctor gave some guidance for both of us. He suggested Charlie could change the timing of when to take each prescription, and not all at once, which should help. When he was in the hospital really sick with pneumonia, fever and cough in December they would give him all his meds at one time! I have been having increased pain throughout my body possibly from having rheumatoid arthritis. My heart continues to be doing well!!! Thank you all for your PRAYERS and continued PRAYERS for good health!!!

No news as to when we will be able to fly to Australia to see our family there. We trust the Lord to open the door to fly “Down Under” in HIS PERFECT TIMING!!!

With our Love and PRAYERS,

Charlie & Cherrie

Instead of more of Cherrie’s Writings, we will share the following, from Face Book, in response to all the present sadness in our world:

Two thousand years ago,

Jesus ended the debate on

Which lives Matter.

He died for all.