Mentoring the next generation.

This is my latest painting. I loved that it produced emotions in me about the older generation helping the younger and bringing the younger onboard spiritually.

The young man above is from Papua New Guinea, but presently living in Tasmania, Australia. His church wants to send him up here for us to mentor him and give him a good foundation. Many people are involved in trying to make this happen. Lord willing, he will come about late June. We’ve never had the opportunity to train someone coming from overseas. My thoughts were that maybe God has something special for this young man. We know he could influence people we can’t. Pray for God to open the doors that no one can close.

We haven’t been affected by Covid-19 except that we have been under lockdown for several weeks and will continue to stay indoors until June 2nd.

We have been able to continue translation work from our home. By the end of this coming week, we may have 3 more lessons done in first draft. That will bring our total to 80 out of 125. Thanking God for His grace to us and the people we work among.


Jim & Kathy Tanner, Papua New Guinea