Dear Friends and Family,

That includes those of you friends who are praying for me, Tom. Corinne has been steadily healthy except for her eyes and her pesky toe, but she is able to care for me during this recovery time from hospital stay for the third time this year. Anyhow, we are thankful that we can care for each other. We are also thankful for friends and neighbors, fellow-retired missionaries in our retirement center, The Homes of Ethnos360.

We are thankful that so far no one in the center and no one at headquarters a few blocks from us, has been afflicted with Covid-19. We are practicing the social distancing, wearing masks. Many are longing for a time in church for fellowship. We hope to be doing that on the 31st – at the right distance from each other.

I wanted to get this short note off before we do our actual Palmers’ Progress letter. I tend to get wound up in the evening and work until pretty late. On May 13th I conked out, fell asleep (?) and my head fell, and my forehead hit the top of the desk a good one. I felt dazed a little bit, but waited until morning and that, and other symptoms, seemed to lessen. I have a history of brain hemorrhaging, so I need to report to the doctor if I have any traumatic incident or even suspicious headaches. But I know that the symptoms in the brain sometimes take time to form, so I waited 3 days.

One of my friends here took me to the ER for a test. I was given a CT scan and they found no sign of that problem. They were writing up the discharge papers and I was about to sign them when a doctor who had examined me came with a report and interrupted, “Mr. Palmer you are not going to leave us yet. Look at this,” and he showed me, in big letters: Heart rate 36, I think it was. He said they needed to do more testing, this time on the heart.

The tests showed a pause in the heartbeat, and I could feel it when I took my own pulse. As they admitted me to a room and kept checking the rate it was in the 40’s and 50’s with this halting still occurring. So, a Pacemaker insertion was prescribed and scheduled for the next morning. Morning? No food or liquid after midnight, but I survived that until 5:30 PM, when they finally successfully inserted the Pacemaker.

I am home now under the care of my favorite “nurse” and trying to catch up on mail, etc. You should hear from us shortly. When Corinne checked my blood pressure it is normal. And how good it is to continue to see my blood rate on an even 60 every time, which has always been my normal rate! God is good, greatly to be praised.

That’s all for now. Thanks to those who have been asking and praying.

Tom & Corinne Palmer