Dear Team Members, May 10th, 2020

Our LOVE to you from us in isolation mode!!!! You are certainly in our hearts and PRAYERS during this difficult time in history. We trust you are well and encouraged in the Lord, our only HOPE!

This week is a happy but sad week as all but one of our ROYAL WINTER VOLUNTEERS have gone, BUT we are EVER SO THANKFUL for all their hard work and accomplishments while here!!!! They have been working alongside our ROYAL STAFF and LOCAL VOLUNTEERS, who we are EVER SOOOO THANKFUL FOR ALSO!!!!!!! We still have MAJOR STAFF NEEDS and appreciate your PRAYERS for more STAFF!!!! With such helpful volunteers – both husbands and wives – extra jobs are accomplished 🙂 We thank the Lord for our STAFF and VOLUNTEERS!!!! It is sad to see the section of our property, that is set up for the volunteers’ RV’s, EMPTY. We look forward to their return later in this year!!

We are both keeping fairly well and getting things left undone, DONE!!! Cherrie’s heart has been good since the middle of February. We are active and able to go for walks here at the Retirement Center and of course wear masks and practicing social distancing!!!! Both of us are having back problems – new for Charlie, but not for Cherrie, but we are coping. We appreciate your PRAYERS for improvement in that area!!! PLEASE share your PRAYER requests so we can be more effective in PRAYING for you also!!!

As you would imagine, we were not able to fly to Australia on April 2nd to visit our son Ben and his family for two months due to the Corona Virus. Lord willing, we would like to go in October and November of this year if Australia opens up, with no quarantine orders, and Airlines start flying there again. We were, of course, disappointed as it is over six years since we have seen them. Our daughter Esther was disappointed as she was to visit also, not having seen her brother for 16years!

Here is an Update on our friends Mark and Joyce Cain, whom we have been asking you to PRAY for:

Joyce writes on April 28th: “Mark did something this morning not easy which reminded me of the Apostle Paul writing to his disciples. He wrote and I typed for him a farewell letter to his beloved Guahibo believers on the prairies of Colombia.”

“Another HUGE blessing is to have been able to finish up the Guahibo Bible right before Mark got too bad off! It has been the desire of Mark’s heart for God to allow him to finish this last part of the job God had given us, before he meets the ONE he has been serving for 48 years! The formatter at our home office in Florida is just about ready to have the Bible ready to send to our partner, Alberto Gonzalez, in Bogotá to take to the Bible Society to print! These portions of the OT and revised NT took us and the Guahibo co-translators 17 years! YOU who gave and prayed to that end are also a huge part!!! THANK YOU!! It takes a TEAM!!!!!

The blessings keep rolling at this trying time in our lives. Rejoicing in the Midst of Pain, Mark and Joyce Cain”

Mark is “Now on Hospice” for his cancer. Know they appreciate your continued PRAYERS!!!!!


Charlie & Cherrie

More of the notes Cherrie wrote since 1964 and is now compiling but not able to do it in chronological order!

-Our grand-daughter Desi said, “The magic word is Grandma!”

-Remove anything that comes between us, Lord.

-Luke chapter 1:37 – “Nothing is impossible with God.”

-Don’t worry about tomorrow. God is already there!

-“We see the tangled, messed up lives we live. God only sees the beautiful pattern being woven because of His Son hiding the tangled mess.”

-Memory is one gift of God that death can’t destroy.