Greetings from Jeanne and I!

It seems this last month has been a bit crazy with all the things that have been going on around the world. We trust you are not going stir crazy with all the staying at home! Of course our place of service in Asia Pacific has been affected in a major way too. Last month I was faced with a big decision on whether to make this spring trip or not.

As you know in the 11th hour I was advised to postpone. We can definitely see the Lord’s hand in that as things have developed there. Travel restrictions and quarantines have continued to mount over the past 6 weeks which would have made it impossible for us to do any of our planned projects. It was advised that our missionaries, especially western missionaries, not travel around but to stay put so as to not run the chance of being blamed for spreading the virus.

April 23 began the month of “Ramadan” and with that the government put forth a no travel ban on all commercial airline travel until June 1. This means that there is no domestic or international flights available to the public. The month of Ramadan is normally a very busy month as families all across the nation travel to be together with family and loved ones much like we do during Christmas. This also means that any of our missionaries trying to get back to their passport countries are now unable to travel until the ban is lifted. It also makes local travel for our Wana people difficult too, as they must pass through many check points and have their temperature taken and one never knows when even road travel may be cut off. We will appreciate your prayers for our missionaries, and for the tribal people we work with that the Lord will protect them in a special way as if any health emergencies come up in the tribal villages we are unable to get aircraft in to evacuate them to medical help.

We also wanted to update you on my future travel plans. Many gave gifts for my travel and of course I had my visa entry permit and airline tickets already purchased. Due to the virus United Airlines allowed me to make a change without any fee. Right now I am rescheduled for mid-September, if travel restrictions are lifted and I am able to obtain a new visa entry permit. As for the funds that were given for my trip – we have a special travel account they all go into so those funds will be available for my September trip. The full amount I needed for this last trip had come in so I will be all set for the September trip providing the Lord gives the go-ahead. We just wanted you to be aware of how this was all being handled, as well as my upcoming travel plans.

Thanks so much for your being a part of our team. We appreciate it very much.


Ed n Jeanne

We thought you might enjoy some “black and whites” taken during our last Bible conference.

One of our dear Wana friends who has affectionately obtained the name “Bob Marley”. His son “Ebi” and our son “Geoff” are really good buddies.
During our worship and teaching times at church many find it more comfortable to sit on the floor – no need for padded chairs in Wana 🙂
Winnowing rice which will be used to feed all the visitors at the conference
Taking it easy sitting on a “rice mortar” (used for hulling rice).

Ed and Jeanne Casteel

Church Planting Asia Pacific