Two weeks of classes left and so many questions about the future . . . Is it possible to have a “virtual” recital? What will our celebration Weekend look like? Will we be able to do a virtual Student Ministry Showcase on May 22nd, or maybe even one with a live audience? Will restrictions be lifted enough for us to have graduation on May 23rd, or will we move ahead with plans for a virtual graduation?

This has been an interesting, frustrating, emotional-roller-coaster experience. Classes have continued on the same schedule as before but are now attended on line. In my Personal Finance class the five students are connecting from New Mexico, Pennsylvania, Nevada, and Arizona. But they ARE connecting. It amazes and encourages me each Tuesday and Thursday when I jump into our “meeting” and watch the students faithfully logging in too, one at a time, and usually on time. When I last wrote, almost all the students were still on campus. As of this writing, 8 students have returned to their homes and one more plans to leave tomorrow. One of the 8 has dropped out.

The Navajo Reservation has been hit especially hard by the virus. As of April 29, 2,141 individuals on the Reservation have tested positive for the virus out of a total population of 356,890. 71 people have died. IBC is trying to jump in to help with care packets and assistance with existing relief efforts. The entire Reservation is under lockdown every weekend for 57 hours, preventing people from coming or going without signed documentation certifying that it is essential that they travel. Communication with those in
charge of the efforts has been challenging at times, as it has amongst us. Please pray we would be able to be the hands and feet of Jesus in this traumatic time of fear and uncertainty.

Please pray for the following additional requests:

  • That the students would persevere whether they have gone home or are still on campus.
  • That God would use this pandemic in all our lives to draw us closer to Him and make us more serious about our relationship to Him and service for Him.
  • That God’s will might be done is regard to graduation, Student Ministry Showcase, and summer work teams.

Please enjoy the following thank you from the IBC students:


Martha Gushee