A team of teachers headed out not knowing all that would lie ahead of them, but they were believing God would look after them and bear lasting fruit through His Word. They went by faith to the border of Morobe and Gulf Provinces. There were mountains to climb, rivers to ford and many hours of teaching ahead of them.

Since their first invitation to come and teach this group, they have been in prayer about rather or not to go, when to go, who would form the teaching team.

As they met the group, they knew they hadn’t come in vain. The shining faces and warm smiles were enough to show their eagerness to listen to the truth they had never understood before.

Notice where they are sitting? No nicer or softer chairs to choose from there. They hadn’t come for comfort. They came to hear the Word of Truth, not knowing for sure if or how it would impact their lives.

Day after day, from morning until late afternoon they heard the 68 lessons to point them to the Way, Truth and Life. After hearing and believing the Gospel, they did the second course of 22 lessons on security of the believers.

Those lessons gave great joy as they understood their relationship with God through Christ. Then to top it off, they had 23 lessons in the book of Acts, the birth of the Church and missions.

Praise God with us and be filled with joy for these new believers and how God will use them in the future. 110 clear testimonies of faith.


Jim & Kathy Tanner,