Dear friends,

Hi again! Just wanted to give a quick follow up to our last prayer letter and let you all know that we were able to make the repatriation flight back to the USA! On April 9, we arrived in San Francisco via Honolulu. On April 10, we flew into Houston. Currently we are in the midst of a 14 day quarantine in College Station where Katie’s college house was empty providing a perfect place to isolate for several days. We’ve been blessed to have the kids nearby, and they’ve done our errands and grocery shopping while we are stuck at home!

We are very grateful to the US Embassy in Papua New Guinea and all of their hard work to arrange the flight and navigate air travel restrictions during the COVID crisis. They were really a blessing to us and the other 70 Ethnos360 missionaries on the flight.

Please continue to pray for the work in Papua New Guinea and for our 400+ missionaries and children who remain in PNG as they continue their church-planting work. Our teams are continuing to minster following the social distancing guidelines given by the government. We are grateful that pathways to ministry continue. Pray also for the country as there have been several more COVID-19 cases confirmed in PNG since our departure, and likely many unconfirmed as well.

We are grateful for you all and for your prayers for us! We plan to relocate to Schertz, TX (near San Antonio) next week once our time of quarantine is finished.

Grateful for you,
The Burlesons