Greetings from Steve and Sandy Aholt,

Thank you for your faithful prayers and support during our retirement ministry.  We very much appreciate you and pray for you daily.

Thank you for your prayers for the church discipline issue.  The meeting was delayed twice due to circumstances beyond anyone’s control.  Finally, the meeting took place and the church members were instructed clearly about how this type of situation should be handled from the Bible.  The church was in unanimous agreement that this process must be followed and Mathew should be the pastor, not Kasi.  Bundi Baptist Church will be hold a church meeting in April to handle this church discipline issue.

COVID-19 has reached Papua New Guinea.  Immediately, with the first reported case, the government issued a stay-at-home order for everyone in the country for 14 days.  Most people in the country do not have access to town water for ease of washing hands.  Thank you for praying about this.

We are staying healthy and well.  Praise the Lord!  We have a couple family members who are sick, and we would appreciate your prayers for their complete recovery.

Listening for the trump,

Steve and Sandy Aholt