Dear family and friends

Wow! What a shock to the system, thinking that we had another four months here then suddenly we are asked to consider leaving in the next few days!! Actually, it worked well. We had just completed the lessons on Romans the week before. It was just all the rush to alter the flight date, travel plans and getting everything sorted and packed that created the stress. We are booked to fly out Sunday morning the 22nd. And all because of a tiny virus. It is amazing how something so minute can cause so much panic around the world.

I, David, went out to Koropa as usually on Wednesday afternoon to let them know what was happening. It was a real shock to them. They were planning a farewell feast for us when we left in July when suddenly we are leaving in a couple of days. I had a house full of people that night and they stayed until 11PM. I encouraged them to continue meeting together and having Sevis read the books that have been translated and talk about was is read. I said that it wouldn’t be good if they forgot what the word of God is saying to us. They decided that they would meet in our house to do that so it is good that it will put to good use. Nothing definite yet regarding people to take over our work so keep praying. Next day they cooked a mumu and I thanked for looking after us so well all the years we lived with them. There were hugs and tears as they wondered if they will ever see us again, so many of them aren’t believers yet. It was very sad leaving them not knowing when they will be getting some help.

With our packing everything up and having to pack light we will not be taking Wendy’s computer home so Wendy’s email address will not work now and mine wont work after Sunday. We will send out an email once we get our email going in Australia (we hope to get our phones sorted out then too). All our future plans are up in the air at the moment. We are thankful that the Lord knows the way ahead.

We just want to let you know that we will now be retired so you will not need to continue supporting us in the work in PNG. But we never retire from God’s service😊.

With love from

David and Wendy