While our family is growing bigger, the home front is getting smaller! Bethany & Filipe will soon be moving from the DC area back to Lynchburg, VA, Matthew & Karizma are in San Diego, California, and Gabriel is in West Africa until the end of April! That leaves just 4 of us home. It’s a whole new ball game! We especially miss the big family dinner times!

Every Monday the family takes a day to rest and enjoy the beach. Here Gabriel is with two of his cousins kayaking across a river to release the monkey into a safe wild area.

Gabriel’s Mission Trip

Gabriel left on January 25 and returns on April 25. We are praying that this will be a time of growth and experiences for him. He is living with Dan & Joan Cuthbertson (Laurel’s sister) who are missionaries in Cote d’Ivoire, W. Africa. He is involved in a lot of different things but the main ones seem to be:

  • Assisting with care of the 3 babies/toddlers in the home
    Assisting with homeschooling of younger cousins
    Assisting in Boys Club on Saturdays
    Participating in ministry opportunities at the church and in town.
    Because Cote d’Ivoire is French speaking he is also trying to learn some French

Our Summer Travels

Our Summer schedule is now booked with meetings. We are looking forward to seeing as many of you as possible. I am slowly getting the days in between meetings scheduled. If I missed contacting you and you would like us to visit please let us know and we will try our best!


In January UIM Aviation underwent the audit by MSI (Mission Safety International). That went well and the follow-up continues in working to improve wherever we can. Thank you so much for praying for that specific week! Then Paul left for a week of meetings in El Paso with the team pilots and mechanics…. Bethany flew out to attend the meetings, take notes and do office manager stuff.

Dentist in Mexico

Getting ready to load up

Last week, our pilots in Mexico had the privilege of not just flying planes but also being a part of a dental clinic. They flew about 30 dental workers and medical professionals out to a pueblo in Central Mexico to offer their services to the people. How would you like your next dentist visit to be in a setting like this? A bit scary maybe but such a huge blessing to those in need. This clinic created many opportunities to share the gospel. Please pray that the seeds of God’s love that were planted will take root and grow!

Various scenes of the dental clinic… the guy in the chair wearing an X-ray apron is one of our pilots… I think he is just helping them make sure the equipment is working.
Imagine having your appointment out under the trees!

Our pilot helping the dentist again
Four of our Mexico team pilots. They put in many hours of flying and assisting the dental team as well!

At the Tucson market…

Just so you know, we have some unique things about Tucson that we love! Going to the Mexican grocery store to have fresh guacamole made right in front of you is one lovely perk! Oh my goodness was this yummy!
Miriam loves the meat section with all the various cuts and marinades! Let me tell you, she can make some awesome tacos!

There are lots of pictures this time. Do you know that you can follow UIM Aviation and see pictures like this on facebook?… a lot faster then I seem to get them into letters! Also, look me up on facebook (Laurel Watkins Timblin) and send me a friend request to keep up on the family stuff that is posted more regularly.

Thank you for faithfully praying for us and for financially giving. Our account was very low and UIM sent out a needs letter…since then, it has come up with enough funds to handle expenses through the summer I think!

We appreciate your prayers for continued health as we complete various projects we are involved in, finish school, and prepare to be gone all summer. Both girls have to be pulled out early to give enough time for the traveling and meetings. While we don’t enjoy the upheaval we do very much enjoy the time we get to spend renewing friendships.

See you soon!
Paul and Laurel