Have you ever thought about the fact that there are hidden subcultures existing within the more obvious cultures? We had our eyes opened this year at the spring missions conference (Feb. 10-13) when we were exposed to what it would be like to be deaf in a culture that doesn’t consider deaf people to be worthy of life. Imagine the insurmountable barriers a deaf person faces! How would you learn to read if you had no words to start with? What would it be like to be rejected by your family because they were ashamed of you, to live in your own home but have no way to communicate with the rest of your family? Who will speak up for these voiceless who are exploited, abused, shunned, and rejected?

Students and one staff member praying for the Sextons

The theme was taken from Proverbs 31:8 where King Lemuel was advised to be a voice for those who had no voice. Our main speakers were Mike and Sherri Sexton (in the photo above) with Pioneers, working in Mexico among the deaf. The deaf are probably one of the least reached people groups in the world. Students and staff at IBC were impacted by the photos, stories, and facts the Sextons shared over the course of four days. Several students talked about how they never realized how good they have it until they heard about some of these “least of these” who never have opportunity to hear the gospel in a language they can understand.

During the conference we also hosted Preview Days. Admissions Counselor, Daniel Esplin, is pictured above with the three prospective students who attended.

Thanks so much for your prayers for the conference. Please now also join me in praying for:

  • Richard Smith, maintenance man and mentor is experiencing serious health challenges. Pray for peace for him and his family in the midst of uncertainty.
  • Gene Stevenson (Academic Dean) is doing much better but still has no explanation for his seizures last month.
  • The students leave March 27 for their Ministry Immersion trip to the White River Apache Reservation. Pray for team unity, effective partnership with the ministries already working there, and protection of the team.

Thank you again for standing with me. May God grace and peace be yours.