Dear family and friends,

Greetings to you! This morning I spent some time considering what we have seen God doing in the past few weeks and months. What a wonderful exercise! I will share a few blessings with you.

Our Royal Volunteers are here in Sanford, Florida from cold places up north. These folks are being a huge blessing to so many as they work alongside of us helping with different projects. They have almost finished replacing one of the bridges over Lake Latham on our property. The old bridge was in serious need of attention. Plans were drawn up, permits obtained, and supplies purchased before our volunteers began arriving. This new bridge will soon be open. Brad helped with supply buying as well as paying the bills for all the materials needed to complete the project. Here’s a photo that Brad took of the project.

The newest duplex on our property was recently finished. The residents have moved in and are happy with their new homes. Our volunteers started the project during last year’s volunteer season. It was amazing to watch the daily progress! We are so very thankful for each of our volunteers.

As I have mentioned in past letters, we REALLY need some help in the housekeeping department. I am thankful for each one who has stepped up to help us at this time. Three of our royal volunteers have been a HUGE blessing to me especially. 24 to 26 rooms are being cleaned weekly, laundry is being done, beds are being made, and windows are being washed. Our volunteers will only be here for another month or so. We are asking that you pray for a person to join our staff who is willing to work 20 hours each week in the housekeeping department.

Please pray:

  • Brad is in the process of learning a new software accounting program. March 10th – 13th Brad will be attending meetings with some instructors from the software company. The new program is quite involved and will have quite a learning curve for Brad.
  • I, Wanda need wisdom, strength, and a whole lot of grace as I go about my work and ministry. I get many interruptions every day. This past week besides cleaning, my job included vacuum cleaner maintenance, accessing error codes on a washing machine, cleaning carpet, as well as praying with and for residents. This is by no means an exhaustive list of what keeps me busy when I am at work.
  • I started physical therapy to help regain full strength in my left hand. Please pray that I will be faithful to do the exercises at least twice a day in between my sessions at the physical therapist’s office.
  • We need additional staff at NTM Homes. This includes a director, cooks, maintenance personnel, nursing staff, housekeeper, and others.


In 2019, six translations of the New Testament were completed! This represents years of work by a team of people. In the next four years it is anticipated that 34 New Testament translations will be ready for printing. Having the Word of God in their heart language is HUGE when it comes to establishing churches in previously unreached people groups. We thank you for being on our team! Please rejoice with us in all that God is doing here and around the world. It is all about HIM and for HIM!

By His grace,

Brad & Wanda Hull