Thank you for your prayers for Europe and the most central country in all of Europe, Slovakia. As I write this email, Slovaks are going to the polls to elect government officials. There are believers who are running for positions of leadership and we would ask you to pray that Slovaks would elect these leaders who stand for justice and truth. Also, pray that God would bring about a spiritual awakening and renewal to this beautiful country and that we would see many Slovaks place their faith and trust in Jesus as their Savior and Lord.


There are new church plants in Bratislava, Liptovsky Mikulas, and Revuca. Ask that God would give wisdom to the leaders of these churches to know how best to reach out to their communities with the love of Jesus and to equip those within the church to grow in their walk with Christ as well as be equipped to share the gospel and disciple others.

We are thankful for two young men, Adam and Radko, who are new members of our church leadership team and for a couple from America, Tim and Kippi Coley, who will join our church planting team for the next few months. The Coleys used to be missionaries in Slovakia several years ago, and are arriving in Bratislava this Thursday help us in the ministry. Remember each of these in prayer as we seek to build God’s Kingdom together.


Ryan has finished his Master’s Degree in Public Administration from Arkansas State University and will begin looking for a job in the next few weeks. Ask that he would recognize and follow God’s direction as he has many decisions ahead of him as he opens this new chapter.


We are overjoyed that our granddaughter, Kate, had her first Birthday on February 24th and her parents are doing such a wonderful job loving on her and taking care of her needs. Pray that Kate would continue to grow and develop well and that she would come to know Jesus as her best friend at a very early age.