Dear Family and Friends,


Thanks for reading our updates on my progress through this 15-day journey, and for your many prayers that are being answered. Only God can count the prayers on our behalf around the world, and I’m sure He is pleased with your love and empathy toward us, His unworthy servants. What a privilege to belong to the Family of God, and the family of co-workers, and of course our beloved family.

Refer to our letter and previous updates if you need to.

Our thanks to the many folk who helped us with transportation for Corinne as she faithfully visited when time allowed. I counted 8 individuals who helped us out, some taking her once, some several times.

I, along with the doctors, had been hoping for a good bowel movement that would prove to us that stool was getting through the colon. I had been on liquid diet only for a long time, so my stomach was getting used to the solid food which started 2 days ago. They said I was ready for discharge in any case, but I still prayed for good results before I left the hospital. While I was waiting for the final paperwork and instructions for home care there was SUCCESS.

So, former co-worker and friend, Marv, came for me and on our way home we stopped at the Walmart pharmacy and picked up 3 prescribed medicines.

I’ll have those to take for a while and some therapy will be given by a nurse who will come to the house here twice a week. Frequent walks outside will help. I’m feeling some soreness in the incision and probably some farther inside at the place where they cut out the tumor and reattached the two ends. We are praying about my swollen ankles. I will be seeing our PCP on Monday as a post surgery follow-up.

Corinne will see him the same day for her initial consultation with him who became our new doctor under the new insurance plan we changed to. Please continue praying for improvement in her eye condition.

Prayer and praise points.

Thankful for…

  • success for the whole operation, second one in the same spot,
  • for such good care in Central Florida Hospital.
  • a gift that covers part of the surgery and hospital stay,
  • great mutual love and care among us residents of The Homes of Ethnos 360.

Pray for…

  • steady healing and other adjustments I and my body are making,
  • discipline with the continued therapy and wisdom how much to do during healing process,
  • Corinne’s eye as it heals with (hopefully) the proper treatment. The doctor said he thinks he caught the problem in the second eye in time, so it should heal quickly,
  • direction and wisdom as we investigate used car prices.

In His loving care,

Tom & Corinne Palmer