UPDATE NO 1 – Feb. 12, 2020

On Wednesday morning, February 5th, as Tom walked home from chapel, he felt very dizzy and he found it hard to breathe. On arriving home, he said, “I’ve got to see a doctor.” An ambulance came for Tom and I rode in the front with the driver to the hospital. During Tom’s check in the ER, they realized that Tom was bleeding internally. It was difficult to find a vein or artery that they could insert a needle to give him a blood transfusion. They finally managed also to give him some iron.

The next step was to locate the source of the bleeding. The endoscopy revealed no blood. Next was a colonoscopy. The source was located. A bleeding tumor was discovered. It was located at the same place as the one that was removed five years ago. The surgery was to be on Monday the 11th, but was postponed to Tuesday, the 12th. The doctor who did the previous surgery was not available on Monday, but he could do it on Tuesday.

The doctor said all went well with the surgery, and Tom was doing well. Tom has been on a liquid diet since his colonoscopy. He won’t be released until he has a bowel movement to make sure all is well.

Today the oncologist came and said they are waiting to hear if any of the other biopsies from other areas are cancerous. They would hate to cut him open again. Also, he sometimes gets nauseated when he eats. We appreciate your prayers for his recovery.

UPDATE NO 2 – Feb. 17, 2020

The surgery was done on Jan 11, so that last update was written on the 12th. This one is being written by Corinne and me in the hospital today, January 17.

First, there is no sign of any problem with blood, Praise God.

What they were waiting for now is for the reflux back up into the stomach to gradually stop; and that has happened, a couple of days ago. The next step in the process was to produce bowel activity, and that has happened, last night.

Now it as hard to keep up with it. The tried giving me the Full Liquid Diet, then some with solids.

NOW next day, the 18th. they tried giving me a full normal meal in order to get some other tests in – Chicken breast; pasta with gravy; broccoli; milk; assorted canned fruit; a brownie; iced tea with lemon. I was able to eat part of it very well indeed.

They are now saying perhaps I can go home tomorrow! Stay tuned.

To some of you this may be of interest – just a list of various parts of the treatment, and items that were used along the way:

1 Endoscopy

1 Colonoscopy

1 CT Scan

1 Ultrasound viewing

3 X-Rays of abdomen

3 Units of blood transfusions

3 Units of Iron via IV

3 Units of IV food – minerals, protein, etc.

Now for other prayer points:

  • Please continue to pray also for Corinne’s right eye in which she has Wet Macular Degeneration. Her specialist said he says he sees new blood vessels being formed and started new quarterly injections. While working on that he noticed that the left eye has also developed WMD and so he started her on a new series of injections, now one for each eye. This of course has added further degeneration her vision, making it harder to read. Pray for wisdom in their care and for patience in her increased inability to read clearly and very long at a time.
  • We had asked you to pray for my Hamtai translation editing and checker because Windows 7 is no longer supported by Microsoft. His computer is old, and so what he needs is a new computer (or even a used one) with Windows 10. Now, “God owns the computers in a thousand offices,” to adapt the old chorus, and I’m sure He will be able to provide for this faithful man, Jim Jora, as he attempts to helm me finish the Old Testament portions we are working on in his mother tongue.
  • His daughter, Linnen did not get such treatment as Corinne is getting, and she is losing her sight. More updates on that soon, as well.
  • As for a car, we will see how God leads during my convalescence.

Thanks for reading this and other updates, for your messages, and your believing prayers on our behalf.

Tom and Corinne Palmer