Dear Team Members,

We have soooo appreciated your PRAYERS for our health these last weeks. Charlie is continuing to improve from having pneumonia and being in the hospital before Christmas. This week a follow-up chest xray was clear for which we are thankful. Tuesday, I had a bad day that lasted about 15 hours with my heart racing. It happened on the day we were seeing our General Practitioner for routine checkups. He got on the phone with my local cardiologist, who wanted me to see his PA that day so saw her at 1pm. Two of my meds were increased, and today one was altered a little. That helped some, but leaves me ever so tired, and my brain in a REAL FOG!!!! This all happens about every week and a half. I really thought my heart was doing good. I saw the Cardiologist’s PA, for a follow-up, again yesterday. My local cardiologist forwarded the EKG done on Tuesday and talked with my Specialist in Orlando today, and I believe also talked with him on Tuesday, and the specialist wants to see me this Monday at 11am. They are saying it is atrial flutter, not atrial fibrillation, which is in a different area of my heart. SURE APPRECIATE YOUR CONTINUED PRAYERS and WISDOM FROM THE LORD for this appointment on Monday and for some answers!!!! How thankful we are that all three doctors and our Savior are in this journey together!!!!

Thank you for your PRAYERS for the Horrible fires “Down Under” in Australia. Our son Ben and his family are safe. Others, though, have lost homes, and their livelihood having to start all over having lost everything :o( Do PRAY for what we call our “Home away from Home” having lived “Down Under” for 34 years. We have dual citizenship and look forward to making a trip there in April 2nd until the end of May. Both my cardiologists over past weeks felt it would be fine to go, so we booked to go. We also took out flight insurance in case I was not able to go. Think it would be a dose of medicine to go as it has been over six years since we have seen our son Ben and his family, due to health reasons. We are trusting to be able to go!!!!! We thank the Lord for the way in which he has supplied for us to purchase our flight tickets, and to rent a vehicle there!!! There is a church there who helps missionaries with cars at a reasonable price. There is a family at the Church Ben and Stephanie attend who has what we call a Granny Flat, that we can rent. I will be contacting the heart doctor I had since 1998 in Australia and trusting if I need to see him, he will agree to see me. GOD IS GOOD, and WE THANK HIM FOR HIS ENCOURAGEMENTS!!!!! WE SURE APPRECIATE YOUR CONTINUED PRAYERS!!!

URGENT PRAYER REQUEST: We have a number of our staff here at our Retirement Center who have retired and relocated. A number of our current staff have serious cancer health problems, so we are in URGENT NEED of MORE STAFF!!! WE APPRECIATE YOU BRINGING THESE NEEDS BEFORE OUR FATHER!!!!!

We are REALLY ENCOURAGED as we hear of Ethnic groups learning to read and write, so as the Word of God is translated, they will be able to read GOD’S WORD FOR THEMSELVES!!!!


Charlie & Cherrie

February 3rd: Thank you all for your continued Prayers!!! The appointment with my heart specialist office this morning was sorta encouraging. They had altered my meds again which I am happy with. It has been a year with my AFIB problems and now they are saying atrial flutter has reared its head! I am learning to rest in the Lord more, so that is good! I see the Specialist – Dr Duran on February 19th and trust I will do fine between now and then. SURE APPRECIATE EACH ONE OF YOU!!!!!

More of Cherrie’s Musing since 1964:

-Is there anything in my life that replaces Him. The goal is not to come to a service, but to come to Him.

-Remove anything that comes between us, Lord.

-Lord, draw us into a relationship with you.

-Luke chapter 1:37 – “Nothing is impossible with God.”

-Exodus 20:7 – “Do not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain.”

-Don’t worry about tomorrow. God is already there!

-“We see the tangled, messed up lives we live. God only sees the beautiful pattern being woven because of His Son hiding the tangled mess.” Cherrie

-Memory is one gift of God that death can’t destroy.

-Stress makes you believe that everything needs to happen right now. FAITH assures you that everything will happen at the right and perfect time, in God’s time!

“Well done is better than well said.” – Ben Franklin

-“Ye are not your own, you are bought with a price.”

-2012 – We were visiting our son Ray and his family. Our Great-granddaughter Temperance had a plastic flute and was tooting! Great Grandfather Charlie gave quite a surprised look and she laughs :o) She will be 2 in December!

-In the heat of the day in Australia: On our back porch, this rose was burned as it battled for life. A good watering gave renewed hope in the days to come. As it opened, we saw beauty and health. As we drink from the Word of God and it’s promises, our fragile hurting inner being is renewed, and there is hope once again!

-The hurting soul finds hope among the ashes.

-In a dry and thirsty land there is hope.