Dear Friends and Family,

Often we look at the calendar and say to each other, “Where has the month gone?” Or even more astounded, we are saying, “How has the year 2019 passed so quickly?” And now the decade will soon be over. We started a Christmas letter, but failed at that, so here is a message of love to you all, along with Happy New Year Greetings in this the Year of our Lord, 2020! Perhaps this year will bring about the “great and awesome Day of the LORD.”

The past few weeks as the calendar changed, have been eventful enough.

  • I, Tom, resigned from the leadership team in Sanford Bible Church so that I can have more time to focus in on our translation project. I am also sadly ceasing other activities that take time away from the task. We hope that by building momentum in 2020 we can have perfect spiritual vision and are able to see by faith the finished book of Old Testament Portions in the Hamtai Language.
  • We changed insurance companies for the new year. This means getting used to working with a different Primary Doctor and some Specialists who are in that network.
  • My Brother, Ed came up from South Florida and spent a quiet Christmas with us. His neck condition is much better, and he is doing well, except that he is looking for better accommodation. He is praying for continued opportunities to serve with singing and directing music.
  • Then, to start the new year off right we welcomed our daughter, Judy from the West Coast, where she and Jim are spending most of their Home Assignment from Papua New Guinea. She arrived on the 10th, 3 days after our joint birth date, Jan. 7th. She was my beautiful 23rd birthday gift. It was good to just visit and catch up on news. Jim stayed back this time with their son Brian and his two boys. They are spending a couple months with them in Boise, ID before they hit the road on their extended trip. They will eventually end up here in the Spring.


PALMER NEWS ALERT! At Mid-day on the 15th we were returning from taking Judy to the Orlando Airport. Coming up on SR 417 we had an accident which could have been very bad. Here, you must leave the freeway temporarily to go through the toll gates. After leaving the toll booth I was looking for the road that leads to the on ramp to the freeway, and missed a stop sign and collided with another car coming from the right. We hit, our front right side to his front left side. We both spun around, jumped a curb going backwards and ended up beside each other. The other driver kindly brought us home in his girl friend’s car.

We are Okay, praise the Lord. He must still have work for us to do! I just had a sore ankle and slightly belt- bruised chest, so I rested during the next day. We haven’t seen our new doctor yet, but I was granted a short appointment just to be checked out to see if my brain was affected at all in the big shake and spin to a stop. A CT-scan was ordered at the hospital. One of our friends took me there and patiently waited, while another friend took Corinne to town for food supplies. Thanks, Marv and thanks, Lynne. The image showed nothing to be concerned about, but I still must see the neurologist in about two weeks.

Corinne is fine, but she may have lost a hearing aid in the car in the collision. We could go to the wreckers and look for it but have decided not to. The wire on the other one had broken the night before, and it would be quite expensive to get a replacement. She has ordered one of the much cheaper aides being advertised. She saw it that very day on TV. We will soon see if this more modern product will meet her need for better hearing.

As for a different car, we again have two thoughts. Perhaps the Lord is saying “Time to stop driving.” But we would be dependent on others for transport, and my work would be affected. Since my instant response and eyesight are still pretty good, I believe I can drive for a while longer, perhaps just for local driving. Anyhow, we are blessed with a Nissan rental for 2 weeks. Our Buick was a write-off, so insurance is giving us a little for it, and this would help toward the cost of another one. We have prayed about it and have decided that if the Lord chooses to provide a car in some way we will be happy; if not, we will be content without one.

Meanwhile, a friend will take me to a local Christian car dealer to see what used cars are selling for nowadays.

Please pray:

  • For us as we face each day, that we will know and do the Lord’s will, trusting in Him regarding the adjustments ahead.
    As we decide about a car, deal with paperwork, reports, doctors’ appointments, fit Corinne’s new hearing aides, buying a new a printer, and as we try to meet other needs like paying off some debts.
  • Getting our yearly health exam with a new doctor and getting appointments with specialists, 2 of whom I, Tom need to see soon.
    Corinne’s eye has not improved. She finds it hard to read very much. Specialist appointment coming up next month.
  • For Jim Jora (Hamtai translation helper) and me as we seek to keep going strong on the editing and finalizing the Old Testament portions in Hamtai. I just today received an email from Jim saying that he needs to change software on his computer because Microsoft will no longer support Windows 7. He also needs a better computer. It is vitally important to keep him properly equipped.
  • For Jim’s daughter, Linen. We haven’t heard whether the supplements that we sent are helping her eye problem.


  • That we survived serious injury in the accident. It could have been much worse.
Tom & Corinne crossing a bridge in the early days of their ministry in Papua New Guinea
  • When Son Joel and Ruthi were here helping us last year, he took back to PA our boxes of slides for scanning and digitalizing. He just sent me the second lot. He has even labelled most of them from the notes written on the slides. They now total just over 1,000, and he still is not through. He has put some on Facebook. If you like photos, look around our history pages in the left column for many of them, both recent and ancient. I hope to have time to organize some and get them entered.

More updates later. We are trusting the Lord Who loves us and works all things together for our good according to His purpose,” paraphrasing Rom. 8.28. We pray we will have 2020 vision and be in tune with His plan for our lives, understanding His will regarding the adjustments ahead. We know He will provide for our every need.

Love you all!
Tom and Corinne Palmer