Exciting News!

Greetings all,

First landing in village of Paramba

We have some exciting news hot off the press this morning. After 40 years of waiting we have finally been able to construct an airstrip in the village of Paramba in a spot just below and adjacent to the village! The first airstrip we had in this village was about a mile away from the village and limited access. The second airstrip we constructed was in between the village and the river but a few years ago was washed out when the river flooded. The last two months the villagers have been hard at work getting this new airstrip constructed – the rough work was able to be done by a bulldozer that had pushed its way into this remote region, and then the final packing of the soft spots (with a Whacker Packer) and clearing the sides and ends of trees and brush was done by the villagers themselves. Just today the Kodiak was able to make the first landing and the airstrip has been officially approved!

Giving close inspection to the airstrip.
It’s Official ! – A BIG “thumbs up” by the pilots! Thanks for praying for this project.

What does this mean? Well it means that we now have great access to this village in which to carry out teaching and discipleship. Just this year, we have started a new discipleship program where we will be meeting in this village and one other with the purpose of training our Wana Church leaders and helping them to prepare new folks for outreach. We have numerous new outreaches we would like to start and need to be training new folks to reach out into these areas.

The Youth ministries team headed in to Wana earlier this morning.

Just today we sent in a discipleship team who will be conducting a youth retreat along with teaching the leaders and all the parents on “family” and discussing the challenges of raising kids in this new day and age. We will appreciate your prayers for them as they spend this week in “Wo’o nTowu” and then next week in the village of “Paramba” where the airstrip has just been completed.

I will appreciate your prayers too as just today I sent my passport into the Consulate to obtain my entry permit. My plans are to depart on March 16 which is only six weeks away – it will be here before I know it. I too will be involved in the discipleship training and will be helping to teach “Bible lesson development”. Besides this we also have a big “Bible Conference” scheduled in the village of Paramba. I will appreciate your prayers for this and for the funds to make this trip. Thanks for being a part of our team!

God Bless,

Ed n Jeanne