The first paper in Introduction to Missions has already been done. All 7 students turned theirs in. We discussed their individual view and understanding of Missions. It is always interesting to hear what their past experience has been. Most approach missions from the viewpoint of the receiver. One of the goals of the class is to help the students begin to see themselves as missionaries. This class had a greater variety of responses than most in the past. Most had been on some kind of ministry trip themselves and therefore had some experience in ministering to others in a cross-cultural context.

So far I am really enjoying the interaction with the students. They are willing learners, participating with enthusiasm, fully engaged in the class. Pray with me that they would catch a vision for themselves as missionaries, called and sent by God, and not still the mission field.

Regarding the requests I asked you to pray with me last month, the two new students who were accepted to come this semester didn’t come. We did have one returning student from a former year, however, so our enrollment is holding steady at 23 full-time students. Please pray for our new academic dean who apparently suffered several seizures Thursday and is currently hospitalized. He significantly injured himself in the process of falling as a result of one seizure. Pray for discernment for the doctors and wisdom for Gene and his wife as they navigate this unanticipated and rather frightening path. Gene has been a great asset to IBC in his short time with us, particularly in the absence of our president who is currently still on sabbatical.

Please pray for God to be glorified and students to be impacted by the IBC annual missions’ conference February 10-13. Our main speakers are working with Pioneers among the deaf in Mexico.

I will be serving on a panel of women in ministry preceding an Association of North American Missions conference February 21-22. I’d appreciate your prayers for focus, ability to articulate well and to ministry effectively.

Thank you again for standing with me. May God grant you grace for each day.


Martha Gushee