Dear Friends,


Well, we are into 2020, and what a month it has been!! A few weeks ago, I started a part-time job tutoring English as a second language. It has been a huge learning curve, but very enjoyable also. The Lord’s plan in all of this has been amazing as the job will come to an end in June, right as I head to Papua New Guinea! I have really been enjoying getting to know people from all over the world and it still amazes me that I can work with international students right here in small-town Canada!! I am so thankful that the Lord has provided this opportunity for me.

Mengen NT

However, the big highlight of 2020 will be my trip to PNG in June. After 22 years of ministry by our team, the Mengen believers will finally be getting their very own copies of the New Testament in their language!! We’ll be having the Mengen New Testament dedication mid-June. I am incredibly excited that our entire team will be together again for the dedication week. My former co-workers, Dave and Judy Wright and also Keri Pacheco and I hope to be travelling together.

Another little surprise is that my cousin Naomi and her 3 kids will also be coming!! Naomi and her husband are missionaries located here in Canada. Please pray with me that the Lord would supply the $8,000 needed for their travel overseas!! I am pretty thrilled at the prospect of having some of my family members coming into Lele with me and to be there for the New Testament presentation.

Pray for us. We have about a 100 details that still need to be worked out!!

  • The Mengen NT books are still at the printers! PLEASE PRAY that they will be shipped out this week. It is very important that these books get sent on their way immediately. They have to make it in time for several flights to get them all the way to Hoskins…and time is getting short.
  • Please pray for finances for Wrights, Keri and I and also the Johnstone family as buy tickets for our trip to PNG. Pray too as we hope to coordinate flights so we can travel together and as we work on many details regarding our jobs and work here at home.
  • Please pray for the Mengen church as they have many plans underway for the dedication service. They will need food and housing for believers from other locations who will also be in attendance. I’m sure they are feeling nervous as the time grows closer! There are no stores to just run out and buy enough food to feed everyone. Right now they are busy raising pigs and caring for huge gardens just for that week!!
  • Pray too that Lord would be giving the Mengen believers a hunger to read His Word and to grow in their faith.
  • Please pray for Flanagans in Lele. Pray for wisdom as they disciple the believers and work through many challenges and trials that come up each day. Pray too as they homeschool their children and care for the church! Pray also that they will be ready to host us all in June!

Thank you so much for your faithful prayers. I am trusting that the Lord will show me His will for me in the days and months ahead. Currently, I am still receiving support through Ethnos Canada and will be making some decisions about my future with the mission after my trip to Papua New Guinea. I’m not sure if this will involve a new ministry or if I will be resigning from the mission or what! Please pray that the Lord would give me clear direction and peace of heart as I seek His will.

He remains Forever Faithful.

Becky Preheim