Robin in the hospital

Dear friends and family

From last update: Sevis’ son, Robin, was playing rugby and when he came back after playing he suddenly had a dizzy spell and collapsed. He had a severe headache was not coherent and they took him to the hospital in Goroka. I saw him a week later and his mind was clear but his left leg was paralyzed with no feeling at all in it. This week he had an x-ray and a scan and neither of them revealed anything.

With Robin being in hospital and family being with him I didn’t go out last week. Robin’s leg is still paralyzed and he has been getting headaches and the hospital has sent his test results to Port Moresby but no results back yet. In the meantime he has been taken to a house in Goroka owned by the family while they wait for test results. So, last week instead going out to Koropa I worked on the Romans translation to try and get it finished before we leave here in July. I did the initial exegesis from chapter 14:14 to a couple of verses into chapter 16.

This Wednesday afternoon I picked up Sevis from the hospital and we went out to the village. That night I taught Romans 8:26-30 in Dolis’ house. They were all there including Robert and Ekesue. It was a good lesson for this time with all that’s going on with Robin. God makes all the good things and the bad things that happen to us to work together to make us more like Jesus. I took them to Romans 5:3 where Paul talked about being able to rejoice in the hard times because they strengthen us. I asked them what we should do when the good things happen to us and Sevis said, “Gelo bilune” (rejoice). Then I asked them what we should do when the bad things happen to us and again he said, “Gelo bilune.” But I said that it is hard to thank God for the bad things.

Next morning Robert came to do a comprehension check on Romans chapter 9. We spent two hours and got halfway through the chapter. As soon as he left Dolis and Ableso came and we finished the chapter. Working on this chapter certainly gave us a healthy respect for God. That night I went to Ableso’s house and the house was packed with people. I thought, “Lord, what am I going to do?” The lesson I had prepared for the believers would not be good to use to teach nonbelievers. I decided to read Romans 3:21-26. This passage gives a clear presentation of the gospel. Jesus’ death paid completely paid the price for our sin and God said, “Anasi yabe.” Meaning that He was satisfied with the price He paid. There was a lot of questions and talk after that so we are praying that the Holy Spirit will continue speak to their hearts and give them a hunger to hear more.

With love from

David and Wendy