Dear family and friends

We have booked our flight to Cairns for Sunday the 5th of July. We plan to spend a couple of weeks in Cairns and hopefully get a car and travel down to Brisbane to visit family and friends before heading home. This will be our last term in PNG. We still have nothing definite regarding missionaries to take over the work here so keep praying. We know that God will fulfil His purpose for these people. He is building His church here among the Benabena people.

Sunday before last Sevis’ son, Robin, was playing rugby and when he came back after playing he suddenly had a dizzy spell and collapsed. He had a severe headache was not coherent and they took him to the hospital in Goroka. I saw him a week later and his mind was clear but his left leg was paralyzed with no feeling at all in it. This week he had an x-ray and a scan and neither of them revealed anything.

This afternoon I visited him and the family. They said that the doctor was coming to visit them in the afternoon to talk to them about where they go from here. If they can’t do anything for him they will release him to go back to the village. It is hard to know exactly what is going on unless we talk to the doctors themselves. Please pray for him. As far as we know he is not a believer. Pray that this will be a lesson for the believers in prayer. The PNG culture is that when they are in difficulties they stop going to church and don’t talk to God. Pray that they will learn through this that we need to pray in these times and that God does hear our prayers. I encouraged them that God knows what the problem is so they need to be talking to Him about it. And also Robin himself needs to be helping himself by exercising the leg and continue trying to use it.

With love from

David and Wendy