Dear Friends and Family,

Often we look at the calendar and say to each other, “Where has the month gone?” Or even more astounded, we are saying, “How has the year 2019 passed so quickly?” We started a Christmas letter, but failed at that, so here is a message of love to you all, with Happy New Year Greetings as well.

The last couple of months of the year were eventful enough.

  • I, Tom, resigned from the Board of Elders in Sanford Bible Church so that I can have more time to focus in on our translation project. I have ceased other activities that took time away from the task. We hope that by building momentum in 2020 we can have perfect spiritual vision. (Just trying to be clever there.) We want to constantly look forward seeing, by faith, the finished book of Old Testament Portions in the Hamtai Language.
  • We changed insurance companies for the new year. This means finding a different Primary Doctor and some Specialists who are in that network of practitioners.
  • My Brother, Ed, came up from South Florida and spent a quiet Christmas with us.
  • Then, to start the new year off right we welcomed our daughter, Judy from the West Coast, where she and Jim are spending most of their Home Assignment from Papua New Guinea. Jim stayed back this time with their son Brian and his two boys. They are spending a couple months with them in Boise, ID, before they hit the road on an extended trip, and they will eventually end up here again in the Spring. It was good to just visit and enjoy each other.


We just returned at noon today from taking Judy to the Orlando Airport. On the way home we had an accident which could have been very bad. We were returning on SR 417 from the airport and after a toll booth, heading for the on ramp, I missed a stop sign and hit another car. (Here, you must leave the freeway temporarily to go through the toll gates.) WE ARE OKAY, praise the Lord. He must still have work for us to do! I just have a sore ankle and slightly bruised chest, so I’ll be resting during the day tomorrow. We don’t have a new doctor yet, so I may go to ER just to be checked out. I also have a bad cold developing. Corinne is fine, but she may have lost one hearing aid in the car in the collision. We may go to the wreckers to retrieve it. It may be worth it since a new one would be costly, over $250.

Please be in prayer for me as I deal with paperwork, reports, health exams, and buying some sort of a car.

More updates later. We are trusting the Lord Who loves us and works all things together for our good according to His purpose,” paraphrasing Rom. 8:28. Pray we will be in tune with His plan for our lives, understanding His will regarding the adjustments ahead. We know He will provide for our physical and financial needs.

Bold items are our prayer points, thank you.

Love you all! In Haste,

Tom and Corinne Palmer