They always make me smile, those frightened fallen leaves as they scurry in front of me, driven by the cool winds of fall. They remind me of people running from impending doom. But alas, they will not escape. Winter will bury them and they will be forgotten by spring. This year there is another addition to the sidewalks besides the multi-colored decorations. They crackle curiously underfoot as I walk. Seeds. Tiny black, BB-sized capsules of promised life. I missed them when they floated lazily on one wing from massive heights in the Ponderosa Pines. But there is no missing them now, though they’ve lost their wing.

I, too, want to scurry away from the cold and darkness of winter. I dread the late mornings and early nights as darkness lays claim to a majority of our days. But the seeds remind me, spring is coming. New life will arrive again in short order.

Wouldn’t the darkness be unbearable without the promise of new life? So too on the campus of Indian Bible College. Some of the students come from unimaginable darkness. Without the hope of Christ, the darkness would be intolerable. “But, where sin increased, grace abounded all the more” (Rom. 5:20). Jesus came into a world dark with oppression, injustice, bitterness, immorality, deception, selfishness, pride, and nearly every sin we can imagine. He came as a Seed too, the Seed of a woman, the Promise of new life. At this Christmas, may we be encouraged in the promise of life, both here and in the age to come. May we not be overwhelmed by the darkness, but enlivened by the promise of life. Thank you for your investment in me as I have a part in bringing hope to those who have often lived without hope. Have a blessed Christmas.